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Cosmetics Ingredients
The material selection platform
Cosmetics Ingredients

INCI Database Directory

SpecialChem INCI directory (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) has been designed to help cosmetic formulators find information on cosmetics ingredients. 

On each INCI page, you will find information about CAS Number, EINECS numbers, EU Restrictions and chemical description of ingredients. You will also get easy access to INCI-related resources to support your formulation work: commercial grades, starting point formulation, industry news…

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About INCI Names

INCI names are systematic names used across the world (United States, European Union, China, Japan and many other countries) to identify cosmetic ingredients and provide composition information on cosmetic product labels.

The naming convention is managed by the Personal Care Product Council. This uniform cosmetic ingredient labeling system is based on the use of either the scientific name, Latin or English words.

The purpose is to minimize language barrier for all people involved with cosmetics and personal care products: raw materials and finished cosmetics products producers, regulatory bodies, as well as scientific and medical staffs.
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