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Perform to your best in the Cosmetics industry by getting access to "insider" knowledge. Courses will help you to better select your ingredients, solve your formulation issues and anticipate changes! All our 90-min online trainings are developed by independent specialists who are all passionate about sharing their technical know-how and strong industry experience.

T Richard Hull
10 Days left to register

Tuesday Nov 27, 2018

By T Richard Hull

Pre-select more efficiently flame retardants that can enable you to pass regulatory tests by increasing your ability to interpret cone calorimeter results. Parameters affecting cone calorimeter...

Dr. Barbara Olioso
11 Days left to register

Wednesday Nov 28, 2018

By Dr. Barbara Olioso

Regain consumers' trust by accelerating your switch to green alternatives for cosmetic preservation (break old habits - move away from phenoxyethanol, MI/MIT...) Dr. Barbara Olioso will provide an...

Luis Roca
12 Days left to register

Thursday Nov 29, 2018

By Luis Roca

Master the compounding process to meet new performance challenges and today’s consumers’ demands to get to profits sooner. Leading expert, Luis Roca will share global concepts & practical tips to...

Rogier van Duin
13 Days left to register

Friday Nov 30, 2018

By Rogier van Duin

Accelerate your developments with an efficient implementation of Design of Experiment by reviewing how to proceed step-by-step with the support of two practical cases.Our expert Rogier Van Duin will...

Eric Abrutyn
17 Days left to register

Tuesday Dec 4, 2018

By Eric Abrutyn

Get multi-functionality in your cosmetic formulations along with regulatory benefits by smartly selecting polymers to enhance performance and stability. In this NEW course, Eric Abrutyn will help...

Jeffrey Jansen
18 Days left to register

Wednesday Dec 5, 2018

By Jeffrey Jansen

Better and faster characterize your plastics by understanding when and how to use data from multiple tools (DSC, TGA, DMA, FTIR... ) and how to best combine this information for optimal material...

Dr Theresa Callaghan
20 Days left to register

Friday Dec 7, 2018

By Dr Theresa Callaghan

Are your ‘natural’ / ‘organic’ / ‘sustainable’ cosmetics honest when it comes to claims? It’s time to develop a new mindset and re-evaluate how you develop claims ! Join Dr. Theresa Callaghan in...

Paul Seemuth
25 Days left to register

Wednesday Dec 12, 2018

By Paul Seemuth

Meet your lubrication needs faster with improved cost margins & compliance with environmental demands by better selecting lubricants suited for your application! In this NEW course, Paul Seemuth...

Don Rosato
26 Days left to register

Thursday Dec 13, 2018

By Don Rosato

Assess opportunities for your plastics in healthcare applications (implants & prostheses, wearable, diagnostic equipment, drug packaging & delivery systems...) by reviewing material requirements...

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