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Perform to your best in the Cosmetics industry by getting access to "insider" knowledge. Courses will help you to better select your ingredients, solve your formulation issues and anticipate changes! All our 90-min online trainings are developed by independent specialists who are all passionate about sharing their technical know-how and strong industry experience.

Mark Chandler
5 Days left to register

Thursday Apr 26, 2018

By Mark Chandler

Avoid instability issues in your cosmetic emulsions (o/w, w/o, blends…) by efficiently selecting and adapting your surfactant / emulsifier system for the current natural market needs ! Mark Chandler...

Julian Hewitt
11 Days left to register

Wednesday May 2, 2018

By Julian Hewitt

Achieve high SPF & good UVA ratings with improved skin feel while minimizing actives in your sun care formulation Julian Hewitt will help you find ways to make actives more efficient and share...

Jeffrey Jansen
12 Days left to register

Thursday May 3, 2018

By Jeffrey Jansen

Gain greater control over your elastomeric part performance by choosing the right material in your end application. Jeff Jansen will review the structure & composition of thermoset rubbers &...

Eric Abrutyn
19 Days left to register

Thursday May 10, 2018

By Eric Abrutyn

Save on Costly Ingredients with a Better Use of Controlled Release Technology. Join this course and review the various solutions available (Encapsulation, Liposomes, Starch Matrix...), when to...

Kenneth W Russell
24 Days left to register

Tuesday May 15, 2018

By Kenneth W Russell

Get started with reactive extrusion for your thermoplastics by getting a 360⁰ view of the process, reaction chemistry as well as how to configure the extruder...

Edward M. Petrie
25 Days left to register

Wednesday May 16, 2018

By Edward M. Petrie

Increase electrical & thermal conductivity of your adhesives formulation, while maintaining good adhesion, durability, combined resistance to high humidity & temperature... by renewing your...

Karl Lintner
26 Days left to register

Thursday May 17, 2018

By Karl Lintner

Innovate to achieve high performance cosmetic claims (anti-aging, whitening, slimming…) by fully capitalizing on the peptides technology in today’s skin-, hair-, and body-care...

Terence Kenneth
32 Days left to register

Wednesday May 23, 2018

By Terence Kenneth

Equal SB ink performance (adhesion, drying speed…) with your WB film inks by reviewing latest strategies implemented in recently commercialized inks (food packaging, labels…). Let Terence Kenneth...

T Richard Hull
38 Days left to register

Tuesday May 29, 2018

By T Richard Hull

Assess efficiently effect of flame retardants on plastics’ fire behavior & thermal stability by running appropriate characterization methods (Cone Calorimeter, TGA, Char & Residue Analysis...) at...

Jochum Beetsma
40 Days left to register

Thursday May 31, 2018

By Jochum Beetsma

Solve faster your coatings and inks adhesion issues by reviewing origin of adhesive failure and compatible solutions (pre-treatment, additives...) for waterborne, solvent-based, high-solids, and...

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