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Natural Preservative Alternatives - Part 3

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Jan 19, 2007

As the cosmetics and personal care industry looks more towards the use of natural preservatives and tries to eliminate the synthetic preservatives, more and more unconventional ingredients are being used to serve this purpose. Synthetic preservatives are being scrutinized more every day as health hazards, irritants and just plain not good for you. Some are linked to various types of cancer while others are claimed to have some other potentially harmful side effects although the testing has not really shown that all synthetic preservatives fall into this category. Yet the industry, in order to keep with the growing need for safer products is slowly trying to eliminate them from formulations. This will be a very slow process as the functionality of natural preservatives is obviously not the same as for their synthetic counterparts.In searching for additional natural preservatives, suppliers are presenting more and more alternatives to the cosmetics formulator. These new ingredients, although not truly considered preservatives by definition, have been tested to see if just by their chemical nature, they can function as microbe-killing ingredients.

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