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Select Preservative for Cosmetics

Preservatives are essential ingredients that help preserve the integrity and stability of cosmetic products that can be damaged by microorganisms. While there is a wide variety of preservatives available, choosing the right one for your cosmetic formulation could be a task. This selection guide will familiarize you with the different types of preservatives, their features and guide you towards making the right selection. Read on to know more!

Preservatives for Cosmetics

preservatives in cosmeticsSeveral products in the market contain ingredients which make cosmetic systems very difficult to preserve. For example, personal care products contain significant amounts of water and other ingredients that may be susceptible to contamination by microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and molds.

In order to prevent such happenings, formulators include preservatives in their formulations. Depending on the type of preservative selected, they can kill or inhibit the growth of micro-organisms, and protect a formula from microbial contamination.

While applying a cosmetic for personal care use it should be assured that its free from any contamination. Product must be preserved adequately to kill the microorganisms that are introduced by the consumers themselves. However, one also must be careful with over-preserving a product as too much preservative in a product is not good either.

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