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IMERYS Unveils ImerCare™ 90P-Scrub to Improve Performance of Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Published on 2014-06-16. Author : SpecialChem

Paris, France -- IMERYS Filtration and Additives Europe has launched the new ImerCare™ 90P-Scrub to boost anti-dandruff shampoo performance.

ImerCare™ 90P-Scrub is a natural mineral perlite designed to remove dandruff from scalps while boosting foam formation. The development of controlled particle size and shape during processing gives ImerCare™ 90P-Scrub excellent mechanical elimination of dandruff, leaving the scalp feeling cleaner and more comfortable.

A significant reduction of dandruff in hairs is observed after less than a week and with three applications. In addition, use of ImerCare™ 90P-Scrub increases foam production and provides a creamier texture.

Typical improvements are seen with 3-5% of ImerCare™ 90P-Scrub in the shampoo formulation, at this level a 10% foam volume increase has been noticed when shampoo is applied on hairs.

The multi-functionality of ImerCare™ 90P-Scrub makes it the natural ingredient to improve anti-dandruff shampoo performance. This technology has been patented by IMERYS and results from a seven-month assessment programme with clinical and in-vivo tests (further details of study available on demand).

ImerCare™ 90P-Scrub is ECOCERT certified. This accreditation further emphasises the “naturalness” of the perlite selected and produced by Imerys for the cosmetics industry, offering new developments and opportunities.

About IMERYS Filtration and Additives Europe

IMERYS Filtration & Additives Europe provides customers with tailor-made solutions in a highly technical field, based on the processing of kaolins, mica, diatomaceous earth, perlite and vermiculite. The development of partnerships with customers is essential within the value-added markets of performance minerals comprising plastics, rubber, coatings, adhesives, caulks and sealants, health, beauty & nutrition and building & construction materials. Amongst the world leaders in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry, with €3.7 billion revenue and 15,800 employees in 2013, Imerys transforms a unique range of minerals to deliver essential functions (heat resistance, mechanical strength, conductivity, coverage, barrier effect, etc.) that are essential to its customers' products and manufacturing processes. Whether mineral components, functional additives, process enablers or finished products, Imerys' solutions contribute to the quality of a great number of applications in consumer goods, industrial equipment or construction. Combining expertise, creativity and attentiveness to customers' needs, the Group's international teams constantly identify new applications and develop high value-added solutions under a determined approach to responsible development. These strengths enable Imerys to develop through a sound, profitable business model.

Source: IMERYS Filtration and Additives Europe

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