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Eurofragance Launches Fragrance Captive at in-cosmetics 2024

Published on 2024-04-19. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Eurofragance Launches Fragrance Captive at in-cosmetics 2024Eurofragance has launched a new captive, Euphorion™. At the company’s headquarters in Barcelona, scientists at the Eurofragance Innovation Center develop olfactive technologies to create new fragrance ingredients – captives – for the Eurofragance palette.

Euphorion™ is the third captive ingredient for the Spanish multinational. Named to evoke a quintessential blend of joy, optimism and well-being, this new addition offers invigorating, uplifting and energizing facets – a breath of fresh air.

Elevate Freshness to New Levels

Euphorion™ is a synthetic ingredient that takes the olfactive experience of freshness to surprising new levels. Exceptional in its ability to convey a sensation of natural freshness and a long-lasting sillage, Euphorion™’s most remarkable attribute is a compelling green scent that confers a deep identity to fragrance formulas, even at minimal doses.

Designed for use in fine fragrance, home care and personal care compositions, Euphorion™ delivers a sensory impact that adds a new level of freshness to any product format.

Refreshingly New

In Western societies, the idea of freshness is expressed through a wide range of olfactive associations, including the outdoors, natural landscapes, citruses and other fruits, roots, spices and aromatic plants, all of which provide inspiration for perfume designers.

The occasional difficulty of sourcing and replicating such natural ingredients have prompted many perfume houses in recent decades to develop synthetic raw materials that evoke similar feelings of freshness.

Scientists at Eurofragance rose to the challenge and have created an innovative new ingredient for a never-smelled-before freshness: Euphorion™.

Perfumers on the project team noticed that as well as imparting a feeling of natural freshness to compositions, Euphorion™ amplifies the freshness of other key ingredients and can:

  • Intensify the freshness of aromatic notes like rosemary and sage
  • Accentuate the greenness of fruity notes like tropical fruit, blackcurrant and grapefruit
  • Blend gracefully with woody and spicy notes like pepper and nutmeg

When added to compositions, Euphorion™ brings out a greener tone in fougère notes and adds aromatic intensity to leathery notes.

A Second, Unexpected, Olfactive Profile

Certain perfumers noted another olfactive attribute, more reminiscent of salty foods and umami, that blends perfectly with spicy, fruity, toasted hazelnut, green and lemony notes and conjures the aroma of oil-rich seeds and cured ham. The profile has sparked the interest of creative perfumers, who immediately see an original alternative to sweet gourmand notes.

Added in ICON Captives Collection

Euphorion™ is the first synthetic addition to the ICON Captives collection. Its exceptional, first-rate olfactive features have earned it a spot in the Captives collection of Eurofragance’s ICON program, a strategic initiative that offers a new take on raw materials and presents a panorama of the most emblematic ones according to their characteristics, origin and sustainability track record. It’s a program for an improved and more sustainable international palette.

To be considered sustainable, and make it into one of the ICON collections, an ingredient must meet one or more sustainability values (be eco-friendly, ethical, biodegradable, renewable, upcycled or be a high efficiency ingredient). Such requirements demand meticulous work with partners and suppliers upstream in a joint effort driven by a shared commitment to ESG values.

In terms of sustainability, Euphorion™:

  • Is produced using little energy
  • Generates little waste
  • Offers maximum impact at minimal doses

With innovation and its ICON ingredients, the Spanish fragrance house is transforming and expanding its palette to continue creating perfumes that reflect its mission: to Making Scents, Caring for People and Planet.

Euphorion Official Launch at in-cosmetics Global Trade Fair

The new captive will be presented at the in-cosmetics Global trade fair held in Paris on April 16–18, 2024.

Visitors to the Eurofragance stand can discover Euphorion™ integrated to fragrances thanks to Eurofragance’s Perfumers.

In addition, R&D Senior Scientist Felipe San Juan will host a technical seminar on April 18, 2024, to present the special features of this new ingredient.

The ingredient will also be presented in the Innovation Zone for the duration of the trade fair.

Source: Eurofragance

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