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Shiseido Starts off New Project for Enhancing Rich Facial Expressions & Reducing Wrinkles

Published on 2017-05-05. Author : SpecialChem

Shiseido Co., Ltd. kicked off the “Shiseido Facial Expression Project” recently. The project is designed to liberate women to show their intrinsic rich facial expressions and to help them exude a radiant glow, thereby contributing to creating a beautiful world filled with expressions.

Shiseido Facial Expression Project
Shiseido Facial Expression Project

Inspiring Beauty & Culture

With its mission: “We inspire a life of beauty and culture,” Shiseido hopes to be able to contribute to realizing a society that makes everyone in the world happy through beauty. To accomplish this mission, it has worked on research and development on a wide array of cosmetics.

With regard to wrinkles, one of the skin troubles of a great many women, it has taken notice of pure retinol as an active ingredient early on and moved ahead with R&D spanning about three decades.

As a result, Shiseido received recognition from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for “the effect and efficacy of a pure retinol formulation in reducing deep wrinkles” for the first time in Japan in February 2017.

With this innovative technique that allows women to improve wrinkles, one of women’s skin troubles, through their daily skincare as the nucleus, it is ready to unfold the Shiseido Facial Expression Project that traverses the brands with the aim of realizing its goal of “liberating women to show their intrinsic rich facial expressions and helping them exude a radiant glow if wrinkles impose constraints on their beautiful expressions, though wrinkles are not necessarily bad”.

Overview of “Shiseido Facial Expression Project”

Under this project, Shiseido will move ahead with development of products bearing more than one brand that contain pure retinol as an active ingredient in a cross-sectoral manner. As the initial product, it will release the “ELIXIR SUPERIEUR Enriched Wrinkle Cream S” (quasi-drug) on Wednesday, June 21. The new ingredient and technology will be applied to other skincare items as well one by one.

Moreover, to convey how wonderful women who have rich facial expressions are, Shiseido will carry out a variety of communication activities concurrently. In terms of advertisements, starting on Thursday, April 20, it will put on the air a brand-new TV commercial: “Shiseido Facial Expression Project Declaration Edition” using six actresses, i.e., Anne, Ms. Yuriko Ishida, Ms. Ryoko Shinohara, Ms. Kanako Higuchi, Ms. Yoko Maki and Ms. Rie Miyazawa (in the order of the Japanese syllabary), as models.

With the broadcast of this TV commercial as the start, it will also disseminate information on the special website “Shiseido Facial Expression Project” while implementing an in-store campaign or an on-the-street event sequentially in a bid to enhance women’s intrinsic rich facial expressions and bring a smile to as many women as possible.

Background - Launch of Project

A survey that Shiseido conducted revealed that the presence of wrinkles was one of the reasons for making women’s facial expressions poor.

While those who think that “women with rich facial expressions are attractive” accounted for 84.4%, 48.7% of women who are worried about their wrinkles answered that they “try not to produce a big smile because of wrinkles when their pictures are taken.”

Wrinkles are not necessarily bad. Including wrinkles that increase as you get older, Shiseido proposes aging gracefully. The same survey also showed, however, that 80.4% of those women who are worried about wrinkles think that they “want to smile broadly without worrying about wrinkles.”

If wrinkles inhibit many women’s expressive facial signals, it wants to help them solve their skin problem, thereby “liberating” their intrinsic rich facial expressions. To fulfill this goal, it will kick off the Shiseido Expression Project.

About Shiseido Group

Shiseido Company Limited is one of the major Japanese hair care and cosmetics producers. It is one of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world and the fourth largest cosmetics company in the world. Skincare, makeup, suncare, body care, fragrance and men's cosmetics products, etc. are Shiseido's principal product lines which include SHISEIDO Future Solution LX, SHISEIDO The Skincare, SHISEIDO Bio - Performance, SHISEIDO Benefiance, SHISEIDO White Lucency, SHISEIDO Pureness, SHISEIDO Makeup, SHISEIDO Suncare (body care), SHISEIDO Body Creator (body care), SHISEIDO Zen (fragrance), SHISEIDO Men (men's cosmetics products) etc.

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Source: Shiseido Group
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