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CAS Number 2116-84-9
Chem/IUPAC Name: trimethyl-[phenyl-bis(trimethylsilyloxy)silyl]oxysilane
EINECS/ELINCS No: 218-320-6
COSING REF No: 79701
Phenyl trimethicone is a silicon-based polymer with the molecular formula C15H32O3Si4. It helps improve the texture and spreadability of the formulations. It also helps to retain moisture within the hair and skin, giving it hydrated, glossy appearance while conditioning it.


Phenyl trimethicone is an excellent conditioning agent for both, hair as well as skin. Its application extends to a wide range of products such as foundation, CC cream, hair serum, blush, lip balm, facial powder, hair spray, lip gloss, conditioner, BB cream, makeup primer, brow liner, lip liner, mask, moisturizer, setting powder/spray, facial moisturizer/treatment, eye liner, hair color and bleaching, styling gel/lotion, lip plumper, baby sunscreen, around-eye cream, antiperspirant/deodorant, serums & essences, beard oil, hand cream, body wash/cleanser.
  • Hair care: It is dominantly used in haircare products owing to its unique properties. It enhances the hair texture i.e., makes hair silky, increases hair brilliance, and promotes a well-groomed appearance
  • Skin care: It forms a non-greasy and non-sticky film when spread over skin and prevents the loss of moisture from the surface


Silica is first converted to tetraethoxysilane, and the ethoxy groups are replaced with the desired chemical group by the Grignard reaction. The resulting organosilanes are hydrolyzable to organo-substituted silicic acids, called "silanols", which rapidly condense with each other to produce the silicon-oxygen-silicon framework of the silicone polymers. In these silicone structures, the organic radicals are firmly bonded to the silicon through a carbon-silicon linkage. Each silicon atom is linked to neighboring silicon atoms through an oxygen atom.

What does PHENYL TRIMETHICONE do in a formulation?

  • Hair conditioning
  • Skin conditioning

Safety profile

It is classified non-toxic. In 1986, the Expert Panel for Cosmetic Ingredient Safety (Panel) published a final report on the safety of Phenyl Trimethicone, with the conclusion that it is safe as a cosmetic ingredient in the practices of use and concentration described in the safety assessment.


Technical profile

Property Values
Boiling Point 265°C (at 760 mm Hg)
Specific Gravity 0.970 (at 25°C)
Refractive Index
Viscosity 5-30 cSt
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