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2018 World Materials Forum Start-up Challenge Attracts Several Innovative Ideas!

SpecialChem – Apr 5, 2018

World Materials Forum 2018Applications for WMF start-up Challenge is now closed for 2018 Edition!

Out of the several applications received, 12 Nominees will go through the next step. All the nominees will be announced and notified on April 27, 2018. The winners will be announced on June 28, 2017 during WMF Gala Dinner.

The winning company CEO will be awarded 50,000 euros award by the Jury President, Victoire de Margerie. A second company will be designated by the jury and another award of 50,000 euros will be presented by the CEO of EIT Raw Materials.

We wish best of luck to all the applicants!

2018 World Materials Forum Start-up Challengers

We love Innovation and we’d be happy to help these fantastic innovation projects turn into sound business faster. In case you share our enthusiasm and want to discuss with project holders listed below, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to connect you. (Note: Projects appear in no particular order)

#1 – Tailored Made Skincare by Infinigra®

Tailored Made Skincare by Infinigra® Swedish Life Science laboratory, Infinigra offers personalized skincare by creating unique products based on each individuals' genetic characteristics. The company uses specific DNA testing, strictly used for aesthetic and cosmetic purpose, to find the needs of every individual consumer.

Their fully automated solution ensures low costs and fast delivery to consumers...Lilian Sallander from Infinigra® - Watch Here

#2 – Sustainable Cosmetic Grade Seaweed Extract by Zeto

Cosmetics Grade Seaweed Extracts by Zeto Zeto from Iceland has developed a sustainable, mechanical extraction technique to produce ultra pure bioactive seaweed extract using only water as a solvent. Ongoing cell-biomaterial tests show the extract to be beneficial to human cells, that skin cells grow better when exposed to it and that it has considerable anti-inflammatory properties.

The extract is manufactured from wild harvested, organic and sustainable harvested certified brown algae, Laminaria digitata, and is well fitted for skin care formulations that target anti-aging, sensitive skin, wound healing, UV damage repairing, anti-inflammatory benefits etc.

#3 – KOZHYA AIR Skin Care Device by KOZHYA LLC

KOZHYA AIR Skin Care Device by KOZHYA LLC KOZHYA LLC has developed a skin care device on belief that at-home tools will change at-home skin care forever alike an electric toothbrush changed at-home dental care.

KOZHYA AIR serum atomizer maximizes the use of serum and delivers active ingredient microparticles deep into skin pores.
A touch-free application!

Watch KOZHYA Story Here

#4 – Powering Wireless IoT Using Dye-based PV Cells (DSC) by 3GSOLAR PHOTOVOLTAICS LTD.

Powering Wireless IoT Using Dye-based PV Cells (DSC) by 3GSOLAR PHOTOVOLTAICS LTD. 3GSolar creates new possibilities for truly wireless electronic devices by using printed dye-based (miniature) PV cells which harness energy from the indoor or outdoor environment. Integrating 3GSolar cells into wireless devices eliminates the need for changing or charging batteries, achieving maintenance-free operation for the lifetime of the wireless device (more than ten years).

The DSC has reliable power output in a whole range of lighting conditions, including indoor fluorescent or LED lighting.

The technology can be used in many Internet of Things and other wireless electronic products such as smart sensors, surveillance cameras, portable medical and sports devices etc.

#5 – 3D Printed, Accessible, Energy Efficient Housing by Bhaluu

3D Printed, Accessible, Energy Efficient Housing by BhaluuBelgium-based Bhaluu has developed a patented technology for developing affordable passive housing with zero thermal bridges (the pain point in efficient housing).

Using industrial, chemical (additive) materials and 3D printing technologies, this innovative construction technology lowers energy consumption by 17 times compared to current average as well as allows architectural freedom.

#6 – High-quality Graphene for Automotive Applications by Graphenics, LLC

High-quality Graphene for Automotive Applications by Graphenics, LLC Graphenics aims to provide unique aesthetic value to automotive parts and paints by incorporating highest quality graphene available.

The company provides graphene to automotive supplier’s to meet specific needs so that they can make breakthrough products with unique selling points such as:

  • Increased wear and durability of paints and coatings
  • Improved consistency of plastic parts, 
  • Increased elongation of automotive exterior parts

#7 – K-armourgel and Spider Silk Sand by Korea Aerogels

K-armourgel and Sensory Nanosand by Korea Conformity Laboratories The innovation aims to develop a spider silklike nanogel ‘K-armourgel’, a non-newtonian liquid using specialty metalsiloxane and nanocellulose.

This innovative product is highly viscoelastic, ecological, self-healing and stable.

Potential applications include: injury mitigation, automotive NVH reduction, medical gloves, smart body armour, ultrathin nano condoms and much more.

#8 – LightGuard® Anti-microbial Technology by ChromaSol International

LightGuard® Anti-microbial Technology by ChromaSol International US-based Start-up ChromaSol International has developed an airborne, light-activated anti-microbial technology. It involves a photosensitizer which has been incorporated into polymers which are applied to fabric.

The anti-microbial effect is powered by light (sunlight, LED, incandescent, fluorescent…). In the presence of light, the fabric becomes self-sanitizing as long as light is present.

Possible applications include lab coats, face masks, surgical drapes, privacy curtains etc. Used in medical applications for infection control, agricultural applications where it may reduce mortality and the need for antibiotics etc.

#9 – BioFixWood (Bio-based Adhesive) by Chemical Nature

BioFixWood (Bio-based Adhesive) by Chemical Nature Chemical Nature has developed a bio-based adhesive formulation to solve challenges created due to recent listing of formaldehyde in the restricted substances list as carcinogenic and mutagenic leading to limiting its use in adhesives.

This novel solution is free from any hazard substances and formaldehyde.

It aims to create added value for the adhesive industry as well as for the primary sector as raw material producers.

#10 – Multifunctional Additives for Smart Coatings by Smallmatek

Multifunctional Additives for Smart Coatings by Smallmatek Portuguese company Smallmatek is focussed on the development and production of multifunctional additives for incorporation in 'smart' coatings and other matrices used in industries such as: Aeronautical, Automotive, Maritime, and Construction.

The ADDPRIME® Range of Premium Additives are innovative and eco-efficient solutions for corrosion protection, combining “smart” micro- and nanomaterials with coating technology.

#11 – Thermal Heat Band by Asia Technology Pioneers Company

Thermal Heat Band by Asia Technology Pioneers Company Asia Technology Pioneers Company has designed an easy-to-use and safe Medical Thermal Band for thermal therapy to reduce the local pains in the body; Sinus headache, Shoulders, knee, abdomen and wrist pains. It contains a silicon core, which this polymeric core inserted in the cloth band to produce heat while connect to the power sources including: notebooks and computers, 5V Power Bank, 5V Car Charger, 5V Adaptors and Mobile Chargers. It is very safe and advantageous which create heat fast in a controlled period (42-52°C) and can be used everywhere; home, work, automotive, walking...

#12 – Highly Porous Synthetic Carbon by ThruPore Technologies

Highly Porous Synthetic Carbon by ThruPore Technologies Researchers at ThruPore have advanced the concept of making synthetic carbon which is highly porous and could be applied to many business problems, including batteries, sorbents, filtration, or even cosmetics!

The company aim to collaborate with process owners to develop customized catalysts manufactured by ThruPore.

ThruPore’s synthetic porous carbon acts as a delivery system for new process development. The highly porous structure enables precious (and other) metals to be dispersed more uniformly through-out the carbon support.

The 2018 WMF Start Up Challenge has set challenges in the following six domains:
  • Materials Composition
  • Product Design 
  • Internet of Things
  • 3D Manufacturing
  • Mobility Systems
  • Waste Management

Stay Tuned for More Updates!

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