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Sanyo Chemical Industries

Established in 1949, Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. manufactures and sells a lot of performance chemicals in several industries, such as toiletries & health, petroleum & automotive, plastic & textiles, information /electronic & construction and others.
  • The Toiletries and Health Care segment produces surfactants for detergents, cleaning agents, and toiletries. It also manufactures pharmaceutical additives and superabsorbent polymers.
  • The Petroleum and Automotives segment develops polyurethane chemistries, such as TPU beads automobiles interiors, raw materials for polyurethane foams, and lubricating oil additives.
  • The Plastics and Textiles segment offers permanent antistatic agents, and carbon fiber and fiberglass agents.
  • The Information and Electrics or Electronics segment includes polymerization toners, toner binders, and electrolytes for aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
  • The Environmental Protection, Construction and Others segment manufactures polymer flocculants for wastewater treatment as well as polyurethane insulation raw materials.

Its portfolio of chemicals features over 3000 different types of products. Sanyo Chemical continues to fulfil the social wishes to improve the quality of life through its performance chemicals under its motto: “More beautiful, safer, and environment friendlier”.
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