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Symrise Studies Skin Protection Efficiency of its Natural Active SymBright™

Published on 2017-09-01. Author : SpecialChem

Symrise has studied the skin’s reaction to external aggressors. After screening several hundred molecules, Symrise has found that SymBright™ , both a skin brightener and a soothing ingredient, is able to help the skin to keep its natural balance and thus preserve skin luminosity despite the challenge by external aggressors.

Symrise  Studies Skin Protection  Efficiency of Natural Active
Symrise Studies Skin Protection Efficiency of Natural Active


SymBright™, produced in high purity from clary sage is a natural, sustainable, and versatile product from Symrise. It protects the skin from overreactions from urban exposome. These harmful environmental influences can lead to permanent hyperpigmentation disorders on the face and body. It protects the skin against the harmful effects of air pollution and UV rays and blue light with visible results after just a few weeks of use. The skin’s natural brightness is maintained or even returns.

Stress, pollution, UV rays, but also visible light, infrared rays… the list of external elements attacking the skin gets longer and longer. These all seem to trigger a common reaction sequence in the skin involving the induction of inflammation and the production of melanin. As this sequence is part of the skin’s natural defense system, the production of melanin is often overdone, provoking pigmentation disorders and dark spots.

Efficacy in Clinical Results

The effectiveness of SymBright™ has been proven in a clinical test with significant results:

After less than seven weeks of application, skin areas exposed to UV rays are brighter and more even. SymBright™ soothes the skin and protects it from harmful environmental influences and helps to modulate the pigmentation process.

The skin’s natural defense system is strengthened and dark spots and redness are avoided. This makes the ingredient an ideal component for any kind of skin care product, especially face, décolleté and hand creams, after-sun care and deodorants.

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Source: Symrise
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