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LANXESS to Present Its Aroma Chemicals Portfolio at SIMPPAR

Published on 2024-05-21. Edited By : SpecialChem

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LANXESS to Present Its Aroma Chemicals Portfolio at SIMPPARLANXESS is exhibiting its extensive portfolio of aroma chemicals for the first time at SIMPPAR, May 28-29 in Grasse, France.

SIMPPAR is an international exhibition of raw materials for perfumery. During the event, the specialty chemicals company will be showcasing its high-purity, nature-identical aroma chemicals, including new grades of Kalama benzyl benzoate as well as new aroma ingredients under development.

The wide range of aromas includes floral and spicy fragrances as well as citrus, woody, and earthy notes. At the LANXESS stand no. G7, visitors will have the opportunity to sample selected aroma chemicals.

Benzyl Benzoate in Various Quality Grades

Benzyl benzoate grades from LANXESS are used in various applications from flavors and fragrances to pharmaceuticals and textiles. Their high molecular weight and nearly odorless nature make them the fixative of choice.

LANXESS offers different quality grades. This makes it possible to select the most suitable option for specific applications. “Regular” grade is appropriate for industrial applications, “Performance” when a standard odor profile is required, and “Ultrapure” for applications where an excellent odor profile and a very high purity are desired.

The new Ultrapure grade takes olfactory performance, purity, and sustainability to the next level. It is the benzyl benzoate of choice for products like deodorants, and candles and as a solvent for fragrances such as artificial musk. This can reduce costs, as it is not necessary to mask the typical sweet balsamic note of benzyl benzoate. The “Ultrapure Scopeblue” variant will be showcased for the first time and is the particularly sustainable version of the Ultrapure grade, based on renewable mass balance feedstock (ISCC PLUS certified) and reduced product carbon footprint.

Sustainable Alternatives Based on Renewable Raw Materials

LANXESS is committed to support its customers in achieving their sustainability goals – whether in the manufacturing process or in the end consumer products themselves. This year, LANXESS will offer sustainable alternatives based on renewable raw materials and renewable energies for each of its aroma chemicals. Dr. Michael Zobel, head of the Flavors & Fragrances business unit at LANXESS, says, “With our Scopeblue label and the introduction of ISCC PLUS-certified products based on the mass balance approach, we are responding to the demand for gentle, effective and environmentally friendly fragrances, aroma chemicals and preservatives for the cosmetics and perfumery industry.”

LANXESS uses the Scopeblue label to identify its own products that enable climate-friendly solutions and contribute to the circular economy. They are either based on more than 50 percent sustainable raw materials, or their CO2 footprint is less than half that of conventional products. They are classified according to the mass balance approach and are chemically identical.

24 Nature-identical Aroma Chemicals

The LANXESS Flavors & Fragrances business unit is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-purity, nature-identical aroma chemicals. Divided into the four classes Floral, Earthy, Spicy and Fruity, its aroma chemicals provide the olfactory appeal that plays a central role in fine fragrances, personal care, home care, food and beverage, and animal feed. In addition to environmentally friendly aroma chemicals, LANXESS also offers sustainably produced benzyl alcohol, which is used as an aromatic coalescing agent, solvent, preservative, and fixative.

From its strategically located production sites in the USA, Europe, and India, LANXESS serves customers around the world – setting the highest standards for safety, quality, responsibility, and sustainability. This unique and secure supply network, products can be sourced locally almost anywhere in the world.

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