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Sustainable Underarm Deodorants Formulations and Trends 2024

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Recorded on Feb 21, 2024

Easily formulate sustainable deodorants (stick and roll-on) understanding the new age care for underarm away from chemicals and aluminium free, based on natural (silver salts) and plant based (peppermint, oregano, rosemary….) ingredients.

Join Eric Abrutyn (52 years of experience in cosmetics) and explore the evolution from historical underarm antiperspirants wetness protection to deodorant odor protection using new age technology (aluminium-free), natural and green plant sourced solutions and acceptable functional ingredients. He will also use current commercial fringe brands deconstructed formulations and novel approaches to global leader in the underarm category with a glimpse of patents and patent applications as a template to predict future applications in the category.

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Eric Abrutyn Presented By:
Eric Abrutyn

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Advanced

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Why should you view this course?

There is fast-growing consumer concern about the sweat glands' blockage by aluminium salts in deodorants leading to potential adsorption into the bloodstream. It is driving the formulators to revamp their formulations strategy to meet both the industry standards and consumers expectations. The category sees a transformation from petroleum and synthetic based chemistry to natural based, resource-renewable, and environmentally-sound technologies

But the challenge is the introduction of an antimicrobial functional ingredient from a very limited pool of natural-based ingredients to formulate aesthetically pleasing and highly performing deodorants, easily delivered to the underarm area. The movement of the consumers from chemically designed antiperspirant products to resource renewable environmentally sound plant-based deodorants is no more a trend but a reality.

Join this course and:
  1. Understand the odor control in underarm category in depth and formulate easily natural and plant-based deodorants

  2. Learn to employ plant-based ingredients (having odor control properties, antimicrobial) in your formulation that is consumer acceptable.

  3. Learn the break-down of the actual components for a particular delivery system and Select the right functional group (solidification, aesthetic modifier, rheology modifier, skin softening….) apt for your deodorants

Who should view this course?

  1. Formulators looking to formulate sustainable deodorants complying with regulations.
  2. Group or Brand leaders responsible for raw materials matching production and claim positioning.
  3. Marketing department, who needs to understand the today’s trends and technology.
  4. Toxicologist working on deodorants and the impact of chemicals used in the category.

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    • Differentiation of underarm antiperspirants and deodorants
    • Pros and cons of current underarm products in global marketplace

  2. Understanding the fundamentals of the axilla underarm
    • Sweat gland axilla anatomy
    • Relationship of sweat control theory/bacteria and odor pathway
    • Comprehensive study of deodorancy:
      1. What causes Odor - mechanism?
      2. What actives can prevent odor detection?

  3. Comprehensive overview of deodorant primers (classical – botanical – minerals)
    • What are the primer needs for odor control products?
    • Marketing positions being used by most of the brands on the market today
    • Three key approaches to underarm odor control
    • Key barriers to replacing antiperspirants with deodorants
    • How to choose an odor controlling agent

  4. Formulating Deodorant (DEO) products
    • General formulation considerations that are a must
      1. What are the approaches to dispensers?
    • Selection guide for natural functional axilla odor controlling agents
      1. Review of current natural odor controlling agent in the marketplace
    • Preparing different forms of deodorant (stick, spray, roll on, etc.)
      1. Key natural ingredients functionality and properties
      2. How to formulate utilizing current commercial fringe brands
    • Stability protocol
    • Claim support testing for odor control substantiation

  5. New Age market deodorant trends
    • Types of deodorants – in demand
    • Commercial examples to discuss practical formulation techniques and claims
    • Patent review to predict future axilla odor control technologies

  6. Recent trend of plastic-free packaging

  7. 30 mins - Ask your questions directly from the expert

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Members Reviews

Very good content! Useful to cover lots of trends in the market and how formulations have changed.

Jessica Lenderyou , from Aqdot

Lots of useful examples of formulas and references.

Mila Juristovski , from Nala Care

Very good course! Interesting technical information and trending deodorants.


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