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High SPF Sun Care Formulation Strategy

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Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

Meet your high SPF targets while still achieving good UVA rating (it’s far more than just a question of UV filters selection & loading!)

Julian Hewitt (+20 years' experience) will discuss how to boost your SPF in practice:  UV filters selection (organic, inorganic), rheology & film forming, photostability, cost, water-resistance...!

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Julian Hewitt Presented By:
Julian Hewitt

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Advanced

Next Session: Jun 14, 2017
10:00 a.m. (New York City)
4:00 p.m. (Paris)

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Why should you attend?

High SPF is the strongest trend in today’s sun care market. Also, products must meet UVA protection standards, a requirement that becomes more challenging the higher the SPF. Getting to such high SPF values is a lot more complex than getting the right amount of active - many different aspects of the formulation need to be optimized.

  1. Select optimal UV filters (oil/water-based; organic/ inorganic) to ensure a complete UVB & UVA protection

  2. Maximize UV filters efficacy using the right system of solvents, dispersants, photostabilisers, emollients...

  3. Optimize water-resistance, rheology & film-forming performance of your formulations (O/W, W/O, spray...)
High SPF

Who should attend?

• Sun care formulators
• Active & functional ingredient suppliers

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during this session:

  1. Fundamental principles of Maximizing SPF efficacy
  2. a. Select the right active ingredients
    b. Optimize the even distribution of the actives in the formulation
    c. Optimize the formulation distribution on skin

  3. Selecting UV filter combinations for high SPF broad spectrum systems
  4. a. Synergies between organic and inorganic filters
    b. Synergies between oil-based and water-based actives
    c. Ensuring comprehensive coverage across the UVB and UVA

  5. Selecting formulation physical form
  6. a. O/W vs. W/O emulsions
    b. Sprayable sunscreens
    c. Other forms

  7. Maximizing the efficacy of organic filters
  8. a. Selecting emollients: optimising solubility
    b. Optimising photo-stability: combinations to use and combinations to avoid, and using photo-stabilisers

  9. Maximizing the efficacy of inorganic filters
  10. a. Choosing the right grades: particle size and physical form
    b. Optimising and maintaining dispersion in the formulation
    c. Inorganic-only high SPF systems

  11. Optimising formulation rheology and film-forming properties
  12. a. Fundamental rheological properties required for high performance
    b. Practical guidelines for optimising rheology in O/W and W/O systems
    c. Using film-formers for "SPF Boosting"

  13. Strategies for achieving water-resistance
  14. a. Advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches
    b. Combining complementary approaches

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Members Reviews

Very good overview and connection of known and new topics reg. formulating sun care products.

Susann W. , from Evonik Industries AG

Very good! I needed a structured overview in order to be more efficient when developing High SPF formulas. This course was very beneficial!

Cloe C. , from Clariant

Very concise yet comprehensive and relevant. A well structured and well presented course that has given me great insight into current formulation trends, as well as great ideas for the direction of my future formulations. This course has brought me right back up to speed for a mere hour of my time - truly excellent!

David C. , from Aldwin Paige

The course helped me to understand the reason of our formulations. I realized that there are a lot of things that we have to consider, not only the filters and their solubility.

Mayra C. , from Laboratorios Genesse

Very good! Explanations are clear and it is very helpful for me to formulate new suncare products

Sanela K. , from kanebo paris office

Excellent! The course was very comprehensive for all aspects of the formulation

Allison H. , from Baker Hughes

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