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An active ingredient supplier becomes more sustainable: case study

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This is a Past Webinar

“Sustainability” is trendy.


At in-cosmetics in Paris this year, virtually all companies had “something sustainable” to tell and to sell. Is it that easy? Considering the total extended supply chain of a cosmetic ingredient, from the source of the raw materials to production of the ingredient to the use by the cosmetic industry to the consumer, can a cosmetic raw material be fully sustainable?


At CLR, we have EcoVadis Gold status, we are certified according to ISO 14001 and SA8000 and participate in CDP. We set clear, quantifiable targets and improve constantly. Becoming more sustainable is a tremendous challenge, though. Probably the biggest challenge the industry has been faced with until now.


“Upcycling”, biotechnology, etc. can be tools to become more sustainable, although these terms are used as yet another trendy selling point, it seems. Commercial success, cynically, will be a given, but there are two other important pillars for a company to be really sustainable: social responsibility and the environment as a whole.


Watch this insightful webinar wherein CLR’s technical expert will present a case study of how a cosmetic active ingredient supplier goes through the processes of becoming more sustainable. Two steps forward, one step back, with an important and heavily underestimated take-home-message: the cosmetic industry and its suppliers need to closely co-operate. Only then the industry as a whole will really become sustainable. 

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Harald Vander Hoeven Picture Presented By:
Harald van der Hoeven

Length: 28 min

Why should you view this webinar?

  • We only have one world.
  • Sustainability is a serious matter, not yet another marketing trend. If you agree, then attend.
  • This presentation will show a rational approach in how an active ingredient supplier goes through the processes of becoming more sustainable.
  • Get ideas and exchange them. The industry needs to co-operate to really become sustainable.

Who should view this webinar?

  • Formulators
  • Marketing Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • R&D Managers
  • Technical Managers
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Harald van der Hoeven Director Product Design and Development - CLR Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH

Harald Vander Hoeven Picture Harald van der Hoeven holds a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from the University Leiden, The Netherlands. He started to work in the personal care industry in 1999 where he immediately specialized on R&D and the formulation of skincare and sun care cosmetics. In 2006 Harald joined CLR in Berlin and took over as Director R&D. In May 2013 he became Technical Marketing Director at CLR, responsible for both the marketing activities of CLR as well as the technical, scientific and regulatory support for CLR’s customers. Since September 2020, he is Director of Product Design and Development at CLR. In this role, he is both deeply involved with CLR’s R&D laboratories and the marketing and sales departments.

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