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SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Jan 5, 2007

'This is the holiday season and for some reason I was compelled to write a piece devoted to Alcohol or the lack thereof. Whether a product contains alcohol or does not, there is some interesting information that can be gathered from these compounds that have hydroxyl or -OH groups attached to them. One good advantage of alcohol in cosmetics and personal care is that they can be considered self-preserving. Alcohol at a 62% level can be considered an anti-bacterial according to the FDA. No other preservatives would be required in a system with that much alcohol. In a prior article I stated that many products are positioned to be alcohol-free. The alcohol in this case refers to ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Also known as grain alcohol, it is usually produced from the fermentation of grains and corn, making it a natural ingredient. Many consumers select alcohol-free products because they are convinced that ethanol dries out the skin by removing the natural oils and moisture from the skin, which is essential to keep younger-looking and -feeling skin.

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