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Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Ajinomoto

Lauroyl Lysine (100%). AMIHOPE® LL by Ajinomoto acts as an antioxidant, emollient, foaming-, texturing-, pearlizing-, anti-static- and pigment-dispersing agent. It is an amino acid-based organic functional powder derived from L-lysine (an combing, amino acid) and coconut fatty acid. It is insoluble in both water and oil. Its flat, hexagonal, and crystalline structure gives AMIHOPE® LL a very smooth, soft, and silky feel. AMIHOPE® LL has low refractive index and reduces electrostatic effect. It is biodegradable and extremely safe. It prevents blotching or running due to sweat or water. It can be adsorbed by the surface of inorganic powders to improve physicochemical properties. It can enhance the rapidity of foaming, the volume and thickness of foam. It imparts excellent coverage, matte and not shimmering finish, as well as improves the spreadability and decreases skin stickiness. Provides long-lasting finish look, fresh feeling, excellent adhesiveness, water repellence and surface modification (hydrophilic to hydrophobic, improvement of fluidity of oil/powder mixture). Used in sun care, foundations, lipsticks, shower gels, pressed and loose powder, hair brushing lotion, creams, lotions, makeup, pearling agents, hair shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansers and skin care products. It is ECOCERT certified.

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