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TRI-K Launches Amino Acid-based Ingredient that Respects Skin & Scalp Microbiome

Published on 2024-06-06. Edited By : SpecialChem

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TRI-K Launches Amino Acid-based Ingredient that Respects Skin & Scalp MicrobiomeTRI-K Industries, Inc. announces the launch of TRICare™ CG, an amino acid-based multifunctional ingredient that allows formulators not only to update controversial preservative systems but also create formulations that respect the natural skin and scalp microbiome.

Aids in Product Preservation & Addresses Skin Redness

TRICare™ CG is more than just a product protection ingredient; it is claimed to be a true skin care hero. Developed to address a multitude of skin care concerns, TRICare™ CG boasts a range of benefits that make it an essential addition to any formulation range. TRICare™ CG is derived from amino acids and fatty acids, has superior purity, and is solvent-free, thanks to a patented green chemistry process that achieves a 100% atom conversion and utilizes a biodegradable catalyst.

Key benefits of TRICare™ CG include:

  • Helps regulate sebum production, addressing excess shine and oiliness
  • Effectively addresses skin redness and pore size for a more even skin tone
  • Targets acne and dandruff-causing organisms, providing gentle relief from common skin care issues
  • Aids in product preservation, allowing formulators to phase out outdated preservative systems
  • Gentle on both skin and scalp, respecting the delicate balance of the skin microbiome for overall skin health
  • Environmentally friendly and produced via a green chemistry process to align with its commitment to sustainability
  • Works well in rinse-offs and leave-ons

"TRIcare™ CG will soon be an essential element to every formulator’s ingredient library. It is a great alternative to other multifunctional ingredients and pairs well with organic acids, aromatic alcohols, and other multifunctionals to create a broad-spectrum protection system. As preservatives and Multifunctional ingredients are often seen as inherently harmful to the microbiome, we are excited to show with our microbiome-friendly certification that this specific technology works in harmony with the natural flora and aligns with the trend of microbiome-friendly products,” said Dr. Sabrina Behnke, TRI-K associate business director-Biopolymers & Modern Preservatives.

Source: TRI-K
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