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Microbiome Brings New Hope for Improving Skin Health

Payal Ahuja – Feb 14, 2019

Microbiome Brings New Hope for Improving Skin Health The bacteria can really give you healthy and glowing skin …And that’s true!

The relationship between the microbiome and healthy skin is the new skincare frontier. This science holds HUGE potential for the beauty and personal care industry.

Our bodies are huge ecosystems where numerous bacterial, viral, fungal and other microorganisms’ communities live in symbiosis. This bacterium collection is called “microbiome”. While most of these microorganisms can be found inside the body, “gut/digestive” tract, a significant amount of beneficial bacterium species have also been uncovered on the skin’s surface called as ‘skin microbiome’!

Study after study has found that our microbiome affects nearly every aspect of our health and the microbial composition vary from individual to individual like we have unique set of genes!

Every person’s microbiome is determined by age, gender, diet as well as climate and pollution. Moreover, this bacterial diversity also differs by body zone as well.

Before we discuss growing research and new cosmetics ingredients launches in this growing field, first let’s see how these microorganisms are beneficial for skin.

Skin Health & Well-being – Role of Microorganisms

The microbiome, or microbiota, helps in protecting skin health as well as promote wellbeing. Factors such as:

  • Unhygienic lifestyle or even being too hygienic (Excessive use of antibacterial products)
  • Environmental factors such as pollution, external aggressors etc. 

…can interrupt the healthy balance of beneficial bacterium species on the skin’s surface.

And, interruptions or imbalances can lead to various skin disorders such as barrier function disruption or excessive inflammation, eczema, allergies, dandruff or acne.

  • In acne vulgaris patients, the population structure on the strain level of Propionibacterium acnes was different
  • Psoriasis patients are characterized by increase in the abundance of the major skin genera resulting in a community differentiation of the cutaneous microbiota of psoriatic patient
  • Atopic dermatitis and seborrhoeic dermatitis are linked to an increase in Staphylococcus aureus levels and to the fungi Malassezia levels respectively

This all can lead to visible signs of skin sensitivity.

Well known in the nutrition and gut space, pro-, pre- and post-biotics are beginning to be leveraged for the development of novel skin cosmetics.

Important Connection Between Microbiome and Skin Health

Cosmetic companies are now translating the skin microbiome into safe, effective and commercially viable dermatological therapeutics. They are designing health-enhancing skin care products that contain live bacteria, bacteria extracts, or ingredients meant to enhance skin microbe activity. These cosmetic products can help treat a range of skin conditions from acne to eczema.

Find out how the involvement of key cosmetics players and importance of collaboration between brands is bringing this interesting field to forefront. Also know more about various cosmetics ingredients successfully meeting this growing trend!

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