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ID bio Launches Natural Skin Protection Actives - Osmo’city® & Sens'flower®

Published on 2017-05-09. Author : SpecialChem

ID bio has launched two natural skin care ingredients, Osmo’city® and Sens'flower® for skin protection.

ID bio Launches Natural Skin Protection  Actives
ID bio Launches Natural Skin Protection
Actives - Osmo’city® & Sens'flower®

Osmo’city® for Skin Protection

Osmo’city® is an active ingredient 100% natural, created from the marshmallow that creates an invisible and breathable film at the skin surface to protect it from an aggressive urban environment.

This anti-pollution product with a biomechanical action acts by creating a glyco-cocoon that reduces the adhesion of polluting particles while favoring their removal at the end of the day.

Ex Vivo Study

In the presence of polluting particles (PM, VOC, carbon), Osmo’city enables to:

  • Limit their adhesion on the skin up to -18% due to the creation of an invisible and non-occlusive botanical film: preventive effect
  • Favor their removal up to -29% after a whole day in urban conditions: curative effect

This product has been launched in the context of offering an innovative product approach around the exposome. ID bio suggested to its commercial partners this new word during the in-cosmetics Global, in London. The company proved that this launch of Osmo’city®, as well as some other references of the current portfolio, was particularly resonant in this new differentiating approach.


Sens'flower® is a 100% natural active, designed from saffron flower, that offers a global approach to reactive and hypersensitive skins overreacting to external stimuli. This soothing active directly target redness, stinging, tingling or burning sensations while acting on synergetic biological pathways.

In vitro Study

The in vitro studies show that Sens'flower enables to:

  • Reinforce the skin barrier and NMF via the stimulation of profilaggrin expression 
  • Effectively reduce cutaneous neurosensory discomfort by reducing the skin over-reaction (antagonistic activity on TRPV1)
  • Control inflammation via an inhibitory effect on NF-κB activation, characteristic on an inflamed and sensitive skin

About ID bio

ID bio is a biotechnologies company specialized since 1993, in extraction, fractioning and purification of botanical substances for the beauty industry. This mastered and precise savoir-faire is the key for offering custom-made ingredients, designed according to rigorous scientific methods. A large portfolio is available with, amongst others, botanical extracts, titrated extracts and active ingredients: Mang’inTense (moisturizing), PapayaSlim (reshaping), Milk’nLift (immediate tensor), Cell’intact (antioxidant and anti-pollution) and Sens’flower (soothing). A wide range of solutions dedicated to skin care, hair care, make-up and other applicative formulas.

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Source: ID bio
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