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CAS Number 9005-67-8
Chem/IUPAC Name: Sorbitan, monooctadecanoate, poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl) derivs.
COSING REF No: 79321
Polysorbate 60 is an emulsifier and surfactant commonly used in cosmetics to blend water and oil-based ingredients. Derived from sorbitol and oleic acid, its chemical formula is C64H126O26. This amber-colored, oily liquid appears as a golden to yellowish clear solution. Polysorbate 60 enhances the stability of various personal care products, such as creams, lotions, and makeup, by preventing ingredient separation. It also improves texture and provides a smooth feel. Widely favored in the industry, Polysorbate 60 ensures homogeneous formulations and acts as a solubilizer for essential oils and fragrances, facilitating their incorporation into water-based products.

What is POLYSORBATE 60 used for?

Polysorbate 60 is widely utilized in skin care and hair care products for its various advantages.
  • Skin care: It utilizes its emulsifying properties, ensuring the harmonious blending of water and oil-based ingredients. It contributes to the formulation's stability, preventing separation and creating a smooth texture in creams, lotions, and serums. Additionally, Polysorbate 60 acts as a solubilizer, enhancing the dispersal of fragrances and essential oils in water-based formulations, providing a consistent sensory experience
  • Hair care: It functions as an emulsifier, aiding in the uniform distribution of oils and water in various products like shampoos and conditioners. This ensures effective cleansing and conditioning, contributing to a balanced and well-textured hair care experience. Its versatility makes it a valuable ingredient for enhancing the performance and feel of hair care formulations


Polysorbate 60 is produced through the ethoxylation process, involving the reaction of sorbitol, derived from corn syrup, with oleic acid, typically obtained from vegetable sources. This process creates a series of ethoxylated compounds, with the number 60 indicating the degree of ethoxylation. Polysorbate 60 is then purified to remove impurities.

What does POLYSORBATE 60 do in a formulation?

  • Emulsifying
  • Surfactant

Safety profile

Polysorbate 60 is a safe ingredient with low skin irritation potential. It is non-toxic and also non-comedogenic. However, patch testing is recommended, especially for sensitive skin. Polysorbate 60 is considered vegan as it is derived from plant-based sources. Additionally, it is generally halal, but depends on the specific sourcing and processing methods.

Technical profile

Property Values
Boiling Point 100°C
Melting Point 45-50°C
pH Neutral
Solubility Soluble in water
Viscosity Low
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