DSM Skin Care
DSM skin care ingredients including SYN® peptides and specialty bioactives are designed to meet consumer desired benefits and help skin care formulators and brand owners take their own products to the next level in applications to address anti-aging, wrinkle repair, and more.

Combining expertise in Skin Care with the Skin Microbiome to create new solutions

DSM combines their expertise in microbiology, skin science and epidermal bioactives to carry out cutting-edge research in the field of the skin microbiome. The company’s well-established and proven formulations, SYN UP™ and PENTAVITIN®, already support the skin microbiome but there is still much to discover about the symbiotic interaction between skin and its flora.

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Discover more about the applications and formulations of DSM’s SYN®-Peptides and specialty bioactives BEL-EVEN™ and PENTAVITIN® here.


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