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The material selection platform
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Trends – The Men’s Makeup Market

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Sep 22, 2010

The various cosmetics and personal care markets are changing constantly. The growth of the men’s market is particularly interesting. Skin care, treatment and anti-aging ingredients are being added to men’s makeup products to boost the image of the products and attract more men to use them. But formulating for the men’s market is not exactly the same as formulating for the women’s market. From a technical standpoint, scientific evidence has shown that the physical make-up of men's skin is different to that of female skin. In addition to this, men's skin also changes composition with age, thinning at the rate of about 6 percent approximately every ten years. Bearing this evidence in mind, formulators must take into account these specific requirements of men. Then matching the needs of men in the area of color, the job of the cosmetics formulator becomes even more challenging. Men’s toiletry products as well as fragrances have always had a strong position in the marketplace but there has always been a need for expansion and growth. The most popular products for today’s man are moisturizers and products for lip and eye repair, many of which have a hint of color, just enough to blend in with the color of the skin. Today, it’s much more than just a shampoo, a shave and some after shave balm, it’s a full regimen...

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