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Talc in Cosmetics

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – May 3, 2007

I'm bombarded left and right by beauty editors of some magazines asking me to comment on mineral makeups. Then I look at the situation a little closer and it dawns on me, where is there talc in any of these formulations? I hardly see any mineral makeups on the market using talc as the main ingredient. Talc is a mineral, yet more and more people are shying away from using this basic, fairly luxurious but inexpensive mineral ingredient. Why? What is it about talc that people do not want to use it in their formulations? It is cheaper than mica or sericite yet cost doesn't seem to be an issue. So exactly what is talc and what are its benefits in cosmetic formulations? As I mentioned, talc is a naturally occurring mineral which is fairly widespread, often occurring in limestone formations, eroded clays, and in metamorphosed schist and gneiss strata where it forms either thick veins or as a mass of stone. Talc usually contains traces of other minerals that are removed in the washing and refining process.

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