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Personal Care is Natural

SpecialChem / Susan A. Eliya – Oct 19, 2005

While consumers remain interested and eager to try natural products, some confusion occurs with what is natural and what is not. Consumers tend to presume that natural ingredients are not just more effective, but safer. However, finding products that are "all-natural" can present problems because many companies manipulate the term to benefit their sales. Some marketers include the words "pure" or "natural" in a product's name, which can cause consumers to believe that the product is made from natural ingredients when, in reality, it is not. Many products even claim to be natural, although they only include some natural ingredients. Unfortunately, in the U.S., there are no regulations for calling a product "natural." The term has not been defined in the FDA's regulations, nor the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. At the same time, there are national standards for the use of "organic" and many consumers think that these regulations governing the use of "organic" apply to personal care products, but they don't.

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