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Novel Approaches to Prevent Skin Aging

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Jan 17, 2008

History tells us that we can slow down the aging process by providing our bodies with vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. But what about our skin? How do we stop or reduce the visible signs of aging? This is a very hot topic today. And there are literally products by the hundreds that claim to do just that. According to some doctors and scientists, the common diet is missing proper levels of these critical and essential vitamins and minerals which are needed to battle the aging process. Professionals say that with adequate knowledge, proper nutrition and exercise, anyone can "stop or slow down" the aging process and live longer and much healthier lives. But it has been written in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2003 that some studies were conducted on the 1990's where elderly people were administered Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in an attempt to reverse the aging process. Regardless of the results, this is certainly novel but it needs to be studied much further as it is also very expensive and may have serious health implications.

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