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More on Natural Colors

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Jul 29, 2008

I finally have the opportunity to talk about a subject that I know quite well - Color. There still may be some confusion out there as to what constitutes a natural colorant as opposed to a synthetic organic colorant. To review what constitutes a natural colorant, we can summarize the definition using the following guidelines. These do not occur in nature and are produced by chemical synthesis. These colors, especially in the U.S., must be tested for purity and certified, batch by batch, prior to sale to manufacturers. Thus we use the term "certified colors." These synthetic colorants are produced by organic synthesis and thus termed "organic". Today, this term really creates havoc in that it readily is confused with the USDA's term "certified organic" to describe natural ingredients, which is something entirely different.These colors are extracted from agricultural or biological materials using conventional methods such as steam distillation or filtration and do not require certification.

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