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Marketing New Products as Organic

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – May 6, 2009

Whenever I am approached by a prospective client to develop a new formulation or product line for them, a large majority of them ask me to develop this new product and it must be entirely organic.It becomes a problem in the case of makeup and color cosmetics. The major stumbling block here is the colorants themselves. I know of no color additives that are considered organic. I am not talking about color ingredients such as annatto or beta-carotene which are naturally derived and somewhere there may be organic derivatives of these colorants. I am talking about the most common color additives that are used every day to create lipsticks, eyeshadow, nail colors and foundations and other common color cosmetic products. Not only are these colorants not organic, a good many of them are totally synthetic even though they are claimed to be natural. Many are of mineral origin, especially the inorganic colorants, but not all of them are even natural.We all know that there are products out on the market that claim to contain all natural mineral pigments...

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