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Lip Plumping Ingredients

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – May 29, 2007

Lip plumping, which can also be called lip augmentation, can be achieved in more than one way. This first uses a surgical procedure to restructure and enhance the size of the lips. This is a permanent fix for those with lips that are thin, that sag, or have lines from aging and look unappealing. The second method, and much less invasive, is by the use of synthetic or biological ingredients which give the appearance of having fuller lips. This is usually achieved with the addition of these ingredients into lipsticks or lip glosses. I will be talking about lip products and the ingredients that can be added to plump the lips. The most common ingredients that act as lip plumpers are those that have an affect on the lip's circulation. These are cinnamon oil, amino acids, some vitamins, peptides and collagen. The easiest way for me explain how lip plumping ingredients work is to examine the products that are already on the market that claim to have lip plumping properties. Some claims are quite interesting so I had to examine the science behind the claims.

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