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The material selection platform
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Fragrance and Odor Evaluation

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Nov 1, 2006

Like color, fragrance and odor is a very sensory human function. In the animal kingdom, odor can even be involved with life or death situations, for protection of species and even for reproduction. That is how important fragrance and odor is. Different odors can be interpreted differently by different people. It is very closely related to taste - another sensory function. We have all heard the phrase, "that smells good enough to eat!" Some olfactory responses based on odor evaluations are inherent and some are learned. For example, you may smell something as a young child, and you may have a very bad experience with that odor. With the memory of this bad experience, every time this odor comes along, you remember the experience. You don't even want to smell that odor again. The same can be said about odors that leave a positive impression. Some can leave good, lasting memories. That's what the fragrance business is all about. But odors are all different and all leave various impressions on people.

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