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For your eyes only

SpecialChem / Oct 5, 2006

Because the first signs of age appear around the eyes, cosmetic companies propose different specialist treatment products for this specific area of the face.

Eye products propose different actions: reduction of dark circles, and/or reduction of bags under the eyes, and/or reduction of fine expression wrinkles around the eyes, and/or rejuvenating the sparkle in the eyes...

In the last 48th Conference of SCCJ, the Biological Science Laboratories of KAO presented a study on dark circles*. Using a non-invasive spectroscopic characterization of colour polymorphism in the orbital skin, carried out on 60 healthy women and a scoring using the photographic scale, KAO demonstrated the correlation between the colour of dark circles around the eyes and melanin and regional blood flow. According to KAO's results, "the brown tone score was positively correlated with the melanin index… The red tone in the orbital skin is due to increased Hb (hemoglobin) and blood flow stagnation. …The blue tone…reflects blood flow stagnation and decreased skin circulation". "These results suggested the important role of regional blood flow, and changes in melanin content play important roles in changes in the color tone of the orbital skin."

On the market every skin care brand has its own specific eye product.

Using the blood circulation claim, as suggested by KAO, one can quote for example Kanebo Sensai Premier "The Eye Cream". The product is said to "combat flaccidity, reduce puffiness and dark rings, incrementing blood micro circulation… It deeply penetrates the skin, stimulating collagen protection and reducing expression lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Its formula features SFA (Super Fibro Activador) that increases the metabolism of collagen and elastin, marine algae extracts that stimulate the reparation of DNA, and bio cell activator and cell refiner that activate cell metabolism".

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