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Color Cosmetics Application Techniques

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Aug 24, 2007

I have written many articles on the subject of color cosmetics, the ingredients used in them, various colorants available, and other information pertinent to the color cosmetics formulator. One subject I have not written on is the application techniques that can be used to apply color cosmetics properly so that the face will have an all natural look without it looking like there is no makeup on at all. The most important point in applying makeup and color cosmetics is to make absolutely sure that the correct shade is chosen to be worn. Most of the population has skin with yellow undertones. The largest market segment is Caucasian, Asian, Latino, and African-American women. These ethnicities all have this skin with yellow undertones. It is so very important that one chooses a foundation that is not too pink, as this will definitely make you look unnatural. The pink in the foundation shade will contrast too much with the yellow undertones and artificial. Too light or too dark will be obviously apparent.

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