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Anti-Pollution Daily Skin Care

SpecialChem / Jan 25, 2007

Anti-pollution daily skin care has been a well known claim for daily skin care creams for many years. Skin care formulations often contain an anti-pollution complex made with plant extracts or anti-oxydant active ingredient such as vitamin E, for example. But now that society is aware of the existing environmental problems, these claims appear to becoming more and more important for consumers and cosmetic products brands.

Cleansing products for the face, body and also shampoos claims more and more specific elimination of impurities originating from pollution origins, at the same level as dead cells, results of skin activities and make-up traces. As an example, in China, the company JIA DAN TING has launched a mask under the brand "Sewame Vinch" that eliminates toxins and active oxygen free radicals from the face, particularly heavy toxins caused by environment pollution".

Skin care daily products for men propose a wide environmental protection: against wind, sun and cold weather and also pollution. One can quote CLARINS under the brand "Clarins Men", with a lip care product "Lip guard" with SPF 15 and "centella asiatica extract, shea butter and vitamins C and E". In october 2006, the company "Lab Series Research Center" (E.LAUDER) launched a facial skin care cream for men: "Daily moisture Defense lotion SPF15" . It is said that the formula is "activated by day light, hydrating the skin and protecting it against smoke, pollution and environmental factors".

For women, anti-pollution claim is more often associated with anti-aging claims. Pollution is said to be the second factor causing skin damage after UV radiation. For many years reserved for the Asiatic market, one can now find on the European market such creams and lotions combining these both properties: high UV and pollution protection. As an example, one can quote "Premium UV " commercialized since 2003 in Japan and launched in France last July 2006. "Premium UV" is "Global Protection UV-Pollution Shield SPF 40, created to deactivate the damaging environmental attacks of UVA/UVB and pollution, and for a daily usage."

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