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The material selection platform
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Anatomy of a Pressed Eyeshadow

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Feb 22, 2007

The object of this article is to separate and differentiate the characteristics between eyeshadows and blushers and their methods of formulation. Pressed powder eyeshadows are another simple product to formulate. These powder systems are based on talc (or mica or sericite if a talc-free formula is desired), fillers, preservatives, binder for pressing, and colors and pearls. In some cases, some of the ingredients used in the formula can be surface treated and coated with various materials such as methicone, dimethicone copolyol, wax, or any other ingredient which will aid in the product's adhesion on the skin, water resistance and overall performance and feel and application characteristics of the product. The main ingredientis usually talc or mica, depending on how the product is to be positioned. The talc should be small particle size, smooth and pressable. The talc can either be opaque or transparent depending on the qualities desired in the powder. To this talc or mica base are added various fillers to promote the product's feel and application.

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Loghman M May 30, 2021
thank you for this short informative article

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