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A review of natural/organic standards

SpecialChem / Imogen Matthews – Nov 18, 2008

As more and more natural and organic beauty products flood the market, there is growing concern about definitions. Currently, anyone can put the words "natural" or "organic" on their packaging due to a lack of legislation. However, there is an increasing number of organizations providing standards for natural/organics, with a view to making things easier, not harder, for the consumer. Some companies define their products as 100% organic but do not have any certification to prove it as the costs involved can be prohibitive. A more stringent approach may well weed out the unscrupulous, but won't it also lead to a fall out of brands bringing ethically produced or green products to market? Euromonitor cosmetics and toiletries analyst, Ohu Mohiudduan, argues: "If the definition is less strict, it can lead to a large flow of companies investing in this category of products." Lack of agreement on what constitutes a natural or organic beauty product has led to myriad of different standards and seals being introduced.

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