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Troubleshooting Coating Degradation with Light Stabilizers

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Tuesday Jun 8, 2021

Launch products to market faster & gain competitive advantage by clarifying the underlying principles of coating degradation in advance and choosing the right light stabilizer packages! 

Expert Ravi Ravichandran will take you through the principles of photodegradation, selection of stabilizers, UV Absorbers, and HALS along with techniques for troubleshooting paint formulations with practical examples.

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Ravi Ravichandran Presented By:
Ravi Ravichandran

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

Next Session: Jun 8, 2021

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Why should you attend?

In coating's industry looks are everything, while photodegradation of paints is an inevitable story. With Automotive OEMs and associated stakeholders giving a guarantee of 10-years for the finish, premature failures during application due to inadequate selection criteria often leads to expensive repainting.

Also, there are other challenges like thinner and cost-effective coatings, environmental compliance, and emerging applications with protection to wide spectrum of UV radiations. All this can be mitigated by selecting the right additives and substrates but the knowledge gathered by formulators is either based on past experiences or suppliers recommendations.

This affects the supply-chain directly consequently affecting the brand's credibility in the market. To bridge this gap join our upcoming course and:    

  • Know the principles of photodegradation process and types of degradation (UV Light and Photo induced).
  • Learn about reactable UVAs & HALS and their associated mechanisms & actions.
  • Understand the right selection criterias for Stabilizers i.e. UVAs and HALS (to meet current market norms and issues).
  • Learn application at different levels and troubleshoot formulations with weathering test methods and evaluation techniques.
Troubleshooting Coating with Light Stabilizers

Who should attend?

Coating Formulators, Technical Marketers, R&D Scientists who are stakeholders in HALS and UVAS with various end uses (OEM, refinish, industrial, architectural..) and application technologies ( SB, WB, Powder, UV Cured Coating)

Course Outline

A. Coating Degradation

a. Photodegradation Process 

b. UV Light and photoinduced degradation process
c. Prevention of Degradation
d. Stabilization options 

B. Types and Mechanisms of Action of Light Stabilizers

a. Ultraviolet Absorbers
b. Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers
c. Quenchers
d. Free -radical scavengers
e. Peroxide decomposers
f. Antioxidants 

C. Selection of Stabilizer Types

a. Pigmented Coatings
b. Clear or Semi-transparent Coatings 

D. Selection of UV Absorbers

a. Breadth of wavelength Coverage & coverage of Sensitive wavelengths
b. UVAs for UV-curable Coatings
c. Implication of Beer’s Law
d. UVA Photopermanence
e. Physical properties

  i. Solubility/Compatibility
  ii. Color
  iii. Thermal Permanence 

E. Selection of HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers)

a. Physical properties

  i. Basicity
  ii. Solubility, Compatibility, and Incorporation techniques 

F. Reactable UVAs and HALS 

G. Use Levels of UVAs and HALS 

H. End use application with few real-life Examples

I. Weathering Test methods and Evaluation Techniques

J. 30 mins Q&A  - Ask your questions directly to the expert!

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