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WACKER Presents Silicones for Waterless Formulation & Shampoo Concentrates

Published on 2022-04-26. Edited By : SpecialChem

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WACKER Presents Silicones for Waterless Formulation & Shampoo ConcentratesWACKER presented its new “Solids & Concentrates” line, on the new trend for solid-form or concentrated hair and personal care products at in-cosmetics Global which took place in Paris.

In the limelight were silicone products BELSIL® REG 1103 B, BELSIL® PF 100, and BELSIL® DADM 3240 E. As silicones enhance the properties and use of water-free or concentrated cosmetics and personal care products.

The “Solids & Concentrates” line comprised cosmetics provided in solid form or as a concentrated liquid. Such delivery forms are considered favorable especially when talking about sustainability. However, waterless personal care products or concentrates are not as convenient to use and are often not as effective as liquid, emulsion-based products.

Formulations Highlighted

Cosmetics manufacturers can resolve many of these issues by using silicones. This was illustrated by a series of formulations that WACKER showed at in-cosmetics.

DIY Facial Masks

In this sample formulation, WACKER combined the Solids & Concentrates idea with the DIY skin-care trend. The facial mask comes as a solid which can be turned into a nurturing skin cream by adding hot water. This cream is then applied as a warm facial mask.

The challenge for developers was to attain the desired skin care effect as well as making the skin feel good. They also had to ensure that the formulation easily dissolves in water. The new water-compatible silicone resin elastomer gel BELSIL® REG 1103 B turned out to be the key component in the combination of these two effects: on the one hand, the gel acts like an emulsifier making it easier to dissolve the solid formulation. On the other hand, it gives the product the desired sensory properties.

The water-compatible BELSIL® REG 1103 B gel was one of the highlights at WACKER’s booth. Mixing the gel with water produces a stiff cream characterized by a full-bodied, homogeneous texture. As a typical silicone resin elastomer gel, BELSIL® REG 1103 B combines the skin-sensory properties of non-crosslinked silicone polymers with the film-forming effects of silicone resins. The gel lends formulations a texture that leaves the skin feeling extraordinarily soft and silky.

Brow Soap with Added Benefits

The spotlight was a new kind of brow soap formulated as a stiff gel. The translucent, non-sticky, and fast-drying formula gives brows structure, volume, body, and shine for perfect eyebrow styling.

Makeup artists in film and photo studios have long been using products to style their clients’ eyebrows and keep them in shape for longer. In the meantime, brow soap has developed into a trend product. However, many products do not offer added benefits. That all changes with special silicone fluids. Small amounts of BELSIL® PF 100, for example, enhance the gloss of eyebrows thus highlighting the eye.

BELSIL® PF 100 is a polyfunctional phenyl silicone fluid specially designed to be used in hair-care products and decorative cosmetics. The new product has a refractive index that is much higher than that of conventional phenyl silicone fluids. This makes BELSIL® PF 100 a highly effective gloss agent for the cosmetics sector.

DIY Hair Mask

Silicones are also used to design DIY water-soluble hair masks. They are incredibly simple to use: The user dissolves the hair mask in hot water. The resulting suspension is then applied to the hair while still warm, in the same way as a conditioner.

The formula was created with the aid of two silicone products: BELSIL® CDM 3526 VP, a tried-and-tested low-melting silicone wax well known in the cosmetics industry which makes the hair soft and silky and helps to evenly distribute the oils contained in the hair care product. The wax also makes hair easier to comb. The new active ingredient phenyl silicone fluid BELSIL® PF 100 enhances this effect and makes the hair glossy.

Shampoo Concentrate

One of the high-concentrate products WACKER presented was a new shampoo concentrate that contains half the amount of water in conventional shampoos which means a high surfactant concentration. The concentrate is equally as good as conventional shampoos at washing and conditioning hair creating a soft and silky feel and making it easy to comb and look glossy.

The key component here was BELSIL® DADM 3240 E. WACKER’s silicone emulsion is an active ingredient in haircare products. The oil phase contains two silicones: an amodimethicone crosspolymer and a dimethicone. The emulsion creates a loose network, which envelopes the hair fibers, nourishes them, and provides long-lasting protection.

The combination of dimethicone and the cross polymer is highly effective: even damaged hair can be treated with BELSIL® DADM 3240 E leaving the hair soft and silky and easy to comb, whether wet or dry. The hair retains its healthy natural shine after being washed. The hair care products have a much longer-lasting effect than conditioners that do not contain cross polymers.

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