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WACKER Introduced Silicone Elastomer Gels & Gum Blends at in-cosmetics Global

Published on 2023-03-31. Edited By : SpecialChem

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WACKER Introduced Silicone Elastomer Gels & Gum Blends at in-cosmetics GlobalAt this year’s in-cosmetics Global, WACKER presented four new silicone products for the cosmetics and hair-care industries: the silicone elastomer gels BELSIL® EG 3000 and BELSIL® eco EG 3001 and the gum blends BELSIL® eco DM 3096 and BELSIL® GB 3010.

Three of the four products are characterized by a new formulation concept. Their manufacture relies on organic solvents instead of silicone-based solvents.

WACKER is thereby offering its customers more formulation flexibility to better comply with regulatory requirements. In-cosmetics Global was held in Barcelona, Spain, from March 28 to 31.

Enhances the Product’s Spreadability

In the past, conventional silicone elastomer gels were often formulated with volatile siloxanes. These stabilize the gel’s crosspolymer network and enhance the product’s spreadability. For its new gels BELSIL® EG 3000 and BELSIL® eco EG 3001, WACKER developed an alternative formulation concept.

BELSIL® EG 3000 an additive in products such as moisturizing creams, foundations, and deodorants, the product imparts a pleasant skin feel.

Instead of a siloxane-based solvent, these products contain organic substances that are commonly used in the cosmetics sector. BELSIL® EG 3000 contains the organic solvent isohexadecane, while BELSIL® eco EG 3001 contains a mixture of undecane and tridecane. Isohexadecane is biodegradable to a limited extent. Undecane and tridecane are fully degraded by microorganisms in the environment. Laboratory tests show that the new gels’ range of performance in applications is almost equal to that of siloxane-based products.

BELSIL® eco EG 3001 offers another advantage. As the word “eco” in the name indicates, raw materials obtained from renewable sources are used in the gel’s manufacture. The methanol required for the production is entirely plant-based. The solvent is produced with renewable raw as well. This makes BELSIL® eco EG 3001 a resource-conserving, ecologically beneficial alternative to silicone elastomer gels based on fossil raw materials.

New Gum Blends for Hair Care

Due to their conditioning properties, gum blends BELSIL® eco DM 3096 and BELSIL® GB 3010 are particularly suitable for the formulation of hair-care products.

BELSIL® eco DM 3096 combines the properties of silicone fluid and silicone gum. The linear silicone fluid in which the silicone gum is dissolved remains on the skin after application. In skin creams, the gum blend creates a non-occlusive, water-resistant, and breathable protective barrier.

BELSIL® eco DM 3096 is also suited for the formulation of hair-care products. It gives rise to smooth, shiny hair. Damaged hair can also benefit from the gum blend: the treatment gives the hair a healthy, natural appearance. BELSIL® eco DM 3096 is based on biomethanol and is thus a resource-conserving version of the established gum blend BELSIL® DM 3096. As with all of WACKER’s “BELSIL® eco” products, its manufacture is certified to the REDcert² standard.

BELSIL® GB 3010 was developed for hair-care products in which the solvents should fully evaporate after application. The gum blend contains the organic solvent isododecane. This makes BELSIL® GB 3010 an alternative to conventional gum blends that contain volatile siloxanes as solvent. Typical applications include split-end fluids that give damaged hair a sleek appearance.

BELSIL® eco in the “Sustainability Zone”

With its new “eco” products BELSIL® eco EG 3001 and BELSIL® eco DM 3096, WACKER is responding to the rising demand for silicone products that are based on renewable raw materials. The two “eco” products were not just in the spotlight at the WACKER booth – tradeshow visitors also found them in the Sustainability Zone of this year’s in-cosmetics Global, Booth F30.

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