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Ultra Chemical Showcases UV Filters & Actives for Photoaging at Sunscreen Symposium

Published on 2023-09-14. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Ultra Chemical Showcases UV Filters & Actives for Photoaging at Sunscreen SymposiumAt the 2023 Sunscreen Symposium, Ultra (Booth 24) highlights their portfolio of technologies that allow formulators to deliver sun care without compromise.

Ultra showcases UV filters, a clinically proven sunscreen active for photoaging and a natural cellulose for pigment suspension.

They will address the essentials of sun care, such as reaching targeted SPF numbers, enhanced suspension of UV filters in formulation, and an active ingredient targeting deep photoaging protection.

Science-backed Actives and Fibrillated Cellulose

Some of the key products Ultra will feature at the 2023 Sunscreen Symposium:

  • Zano® Range: Three base products each tailored to deliver distinct UVA and transparency levels. Products are available as coated and uncoated powders and as Xperse® dispersions, some in combination with TiO2
  • Bicotene® Natural: A natural origin delivery system with targeted delivery of beta-carotene to specific skin layers, for protection before, during and after sun exposure and clinically proven to help with deep photoaging protection
  • Valida S+: A highly fibrillated cellulose that stabilizes particles in suspension and O/W emulsions without an emulsifier at low dosage with minimal viscosity impact. It is highly thixotropic with excellent shear thinning properties for suspension in sprays

There’s always excitement around the Sunscreen Symposium and this year we are looking forward to not only presenting our featured technologies but also sharing new in vivo data for a formulation utilizing the newest ingredient in the Ultra product line, Valida S+,” stated Jim Lynch, VP of Worldwide Sales.

The Sunscreen Symposium is also a great opportunity for Ultra to highlight the added value we offer in sun care such as troubleshooting, regulatory and testing support as well as strategies and brainstorming to help our customers meet their SPF targets.”

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