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TRI-K Launches Science-backed Natural Ingredient for Hair Bond Repair

Published on 2024-06-10. Edited By : SpecialChem

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TRI-K Launches Science-backed Natural Ingredient for Hair Bond RepairTRI-K Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty ingredients for beauty and personal care, unveils its latest breakthrough product: EverBond™. Designed to revolutionize hair repair and protection, EverBond™ offers a cutting-edge solution for addressing common hair damage concerns.

Repairs and Protects Damaged Hair

EverBond™ is an advanced hair treatment that repairs and protects damaged hair. It penetrates the hair cortex, effectively bonding with keratin sites to restore structure and strength to the hair strands.

EverBond™ offers a range of benefits, including:

Unlike traditional hair repair treatments, EverBond™ goes beyond surface-level fixes. It is proven to penetrate the cortex to repair broken disulfide bonds, caused by chemical treatments. By re-forming these broken bonds, EverBond™ increases hair strength and elasticity, offers thermal protection benefits, and does not have any negative attributes such as build-up.

"We are excited to introduce EverBond™ to the market," said Kumpal Mehta, technical marketing manager at TRI-K Industries, Inc. "This ingredient is a natural, science-backed breakthrough in the category of hair bond repair. There is a clear need in the market for ingredients that repair broken hair bonds, especially for consumers using chemical lightning treatments. EverBond™ is not only highly effective, but it is a natural alternative to competing bonding technologies on the market."

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Source: TRI-K

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