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Symrise Launches Organic Oats-based Ingredient to Soothe Sensitive Skin

Published on 2023-09-11. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Symrise Launches Organic Oats-based Ingredient to Soothe Sensitive Skin SymCalmin® Avena, a new cosmetic ingredient from Symrise made from certified organic oats, can help soothe the skin and regulate its moisture balance.

The number of consumers with signs of sensitive skin is steadily increasing. The product's effectiveness is on par with that of established substances.

Relieve Sensitive Skin Symptoms - Itching, Tightness or Redness

It also scores points for its sustainability. SymCalmin® Avena has received the COSMOS certificate for its organic ingredient base. The organic oats come from regional sources in Germany.

SymCalmin® Avena can help relieve sensitive skin symptoms such as itching, tightness, or redness. It can help prevent dryness, make the skin more comfortable, and visibly reduce redness. Starting a new generation of organic cosmetic active ingredients, it convinces with its highly concentrated content of avenanthramides (200 - 250 ppm). Avenanthramides, the natural active ingredients in oats, are known and appreciated for their skin-soothing properties.

Symrise extracts and concentrates the Avenanthramides from organic oat using its patented SymTrap® technology with natural solvents. Used regularly, the active ingredient promises to relieve itching and burning and reduce feelings of tension and stinging. It works well with all sensitive skin types, from occasionally sensitive to atopic prone skin. SymCalmin® Avena can go into all cosmetics, especially skin and body care and hygiene products.

Recent scientific research shows that the ingredient targets the mast cell receptor MRGPRX2. Research associates it primarily with itchy and irritated skin. The receptor plays an important role in the interaction between nerves and the immune system. In vitro tests have shown that the cosmetic ingredient helps reducing the release of histamine and thus alleviates itching. Compared to the placebo, the product shows a visible decrease in skin redness after only one to two weeks.

Combines Sustainability and Effectiveness

With SymCalmin® Avena, Symrise adds another cosmetic ingredient for sensitive skin to its portfolio of sustainable products. The completely natural active ingredient impresses with its high efficacy, and with its neutral color in the final formulation. It is also COSMOS-certified and thus meets the standards for environmental compatibility.

"Symrise consistently commits to sustainability. It forms the core of everything we do. Thus, we feel proud to offer our customers this organic active ingredient with patented effect for sensitive skin. In this way, we support brand manufacturers and their ranges of cosmetics with natural and certified organic ingredients," says Lili Baraton, global product manager soothing actives at Symrise. "Among other things, for SymCalmin® Avena, we have established a cooperation with local farmers who supply us with organic oats. Short distances improve our CO2 balance because we process the ingredients in geographic proximity to the producer."

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Source: Symrise

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