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SILAB's New Plant-based Active Ingredient Favors Repigmentation of Grey Hair

Published on 2020-05-15. Author : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Natural/ Organic     Hair Care    

SILAB_Grey_HairSILAB Research has presented AGREYNIST®, a plant-based anti-free radical and pro-pigmenting active ingredient. The new active ingredient enables greying of hair to return to its natural color without the need for dyeing.

AGREYNIST®: Patented Active Ingredient

A patented active ingredient (INCI name: Butylene Glycol & Water & Ononis spinosa Root Extract & Avena strigosa Seed Extract), AGREYNIST® is available in aqueous solution and compliant with international cosmetic regulations, including Europe, the United States, Japan and China.

Resulting from the complementary efficacies of black oat and spiny restharrow, AGREYNIST® regulates the biological pathways leading to greying. The patented active ingredient, in particular:

  • Combats oxidative stress in grey hair by acting on the formation of free radicals and detoxification through autophagy,
  • Favors repigmentation of the hair fiber by stimulating the synthesis of melanin with its cytoprotective effect, and
  • Re-establishes the structural quality of hair. A novel modeling describes the changes in molecular markers in grey hair.

The combined effects lead to a significant reduction in the number of grey hair especially in Caucasian and Asian women and men.

Source: SILAB
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