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Seppic Won Bronze Sensory Award for Its ‘Symphonic Feelings’ Formula at in-cosmetics

Published on 2023-04-17. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Seppic Wins Bronze Sensory Award for Its ‘Symphonic Feelings’ Formula at in-cosmeticsThe Sensory Award at in-cosmetics Global recognizes innovative formulas and textures presented at the show's Sensory Bar. At the awards ceremony on Tuesday evening, Seppic won the Bronze Sensory Award for its Symphonic Feelings formula.

Minimalist Textures to Choose the Right Excipient

Symphonic Feelings is a face cream inspired by classical music, a real sensory symphony. A study highlighted and characterized indeed the precise sensory expression of each excipient in the formula.

Thanks to the Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS) method, Seppic teams were able to evaluate at which moment of application each excipient of the formula expresses its sensoriality. An innovative approach rarely used in cosmetics, can help formulators of minimalist textures to choose the right excipient according to the expected sensoriality.

Symphonic feelings contain SEPIBLISS™ FEEL, a soothing natural oil from coriander seeds dedicated to well-being (In-cosmetics 2023 launch), and CERAMOSIDES™HP, which protects the skin from loss of elasticity. SEPIMAX ZEN™ adds thickness to the cream, and the duo MONTANOV™ 202 and SOLAGUM™ AX give slipperiness during spreading. EMOGREEN™ HP 40 gives creaminess and leaves a film on the skin.

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Source: Seppic

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