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Sederma’s Skin Texture Rejuvenator Proves Efficacy on Asian Skin Type

Published on 2020-10-15. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Natural/ Organic     Skin Care    

Sederma_New_ResultsSederma performs new tests on PoreTect™ on a Chinese panel. The eco-designed skin texture rejuvenator has demonstrated visible beauty benefits on a Chinese panel.

Studies the Skin Firmness and Shiny Aspect

After 4 weeks of a twice daily application of a cream containing 3 percent of PoreTect™ on the face, 93 percent of the volunteers found their pores were smoothed, 90 percent declared their skin was less shinny and 83 percent found it firmer.

These self-evaluations are associated to a clinical evaluation by a trained assessor of the shiny aspect of the skin and the skin firmness, as well as an instrumental evaluation of the skin texture by fringe projection.

PoreTect™ counteracts the age-related cutaneous pore enlargement phenomenon. The active ingredient brings firmness, tone and density to the skin, thus reinforcing the structures that hold the pore tight.

Source: Sederma
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