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Mibelle Biochemistry Launched Timut Pepper-based Ingredient at in-cosmetics Global

Published on 2023-04-05. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Mibelle Biochemistry Launches Timut Pepper-based Active Ingredient at in-cosmeticsMibelle Biochemistry launched TiMOOD™, an active ingredient based on timut pepper, a spice plant from the Himalayas, at in-cosmetics Global. The active ingredient has been shown improve emotional well-being in stressed volunteers leading to a more relaxed state.

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Improves Neuronal Function of Skin

TiMOOD™ can improve neuronal function in the skin and thereby increase skin homogeneity. Moreover, it can positively influence the mood and emotional well-being.

Self-care in beauty can help to boost mental health, and in turn, a more relaxed state of mind and less stress can improve skin appearance too.

Skin that feels good can boost one’s mood; not only consciously due to a visible improvement of the facial appearance but also unconsciously via the skin-brain axis. This link between the skin and brain is achieved by signaling via released molecules as well as through the direct connection by nerve cells.

Benefits of TiMOOD:

  • Protects neurons from aging
  • Supports a healthy and even skin complexion
  • Improves well-being under stress
  • Stimulates the skin-brain connection

TiMOOD™ is COSMOS approved and NATRUE approved. Timut pepper grows as shrubs in the southern edge of the Himalayas. The fruits are being sun-dried after harvesting and thanks to their zesty, grapefruit-like flavor, they are also used as a spice for traditional dishes. For the active ingredient TiMOOD™, fruits of wild timut pepper plants are harvested in rural areas of Nepal.

Raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE in accordance with the COSMOS Standard.

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Source: Mibelle Biochemistry

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