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MANE Showcased Its Collection of 100% Natural Ingredients at SIMPPAR

Published on 2024-06-07. Edited By : SpecialChem

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MANE Showcased Its Collection of 100% Natural Ingredients at SIMPPARFor the first time ever, SIMPPAR took place in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. During this two-day event, MANE’s ingredients experts and creative perfumers showcased a collection of 100% natural ingredients inspired by its heritage and innovation.

Ingredients at Display

Timur pepper grows wild at an altitude of 1200m in the majestic mountains of Nepal. Surprisingly, Timur pepper is not a ‘pepper’ at all; it’s a berry from the citrus family. Harvested mostly by women, the aromatic berries are left to dry in the sun to intensify their aroma.

MANE uses the JUNGLE ESSENCE™ technology to extract this original ingredient, capturing the delightful sparkling grapefruit top notes and the woody peppery facets.
MANE’s Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil offers a beautiful floral aroma that reveals a fresh rosy note and a surprising lychee facet.

Geranium Bourbon is sustainably sourced in Madagascar. It is grown without pesticides, using optimized water and fertilizer consumption. Through this crop, MANE creates jobs for local communities. It also supports Terre en Mêlées, an NGO that promotes rugby. This sport teaches children and teenagers about rules and values, which builds their confidence and empowers them to take on important social, environmental, and civic projects.

Lavender is an important cultural icon and an emblem of Provence and its lavender fields. Using its JUNGLE ESSENCE™ technology, they capture the gourmand notes of this flower, which is locally sourced in the South of France. Only the flowering tops are meticulously selected for extraction, giving the lavender extract a gentle sophistication.

MANE reinvented the enfleurage technique by combining maceration in vegetable oil and supercritical CO2 extraction. The result is E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ extracts that reveal true-to-life scents. JASMINE GRANDIFLORUM E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ offers a multifaceted fresh and delicate scent with gourmand fruity undertones. Less animalic than the absolute, this precious extract will enhance white flower bouquet compositions.

HAVANAWOOD is an innovative ingredient obtained via a co-distillation process combining two natural raw materials. By introducing cedarwood essential oil during the hay distillation process, they achieve an exquisite synergy between the herbaceous gourmand hay facets and the dry cedarwood notes. HAVANAWOOD finds its place in the woody palette due to its bold character; its warm and earthy nuances of tobacco are beautifully balanced by elegantly sophisticated orris notes.

VAYANOL is a 100% natural molecule designed using MANE’s expertise in biotechnology. It exhibits clove-like accords and irresistible smoky gourmand undertones, leaving an impactful signature. Its ambery notes create a warm atmosphere in compositions, adding sweet incense and slightly smoky facets in fragrances and a spicy twist in floral bouquets.

Source: MANE

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