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Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Launches Natural Actives for Nighttime Skin Regeneration

Published on 2023-03-20. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Launches Actives for Nighttime Regeneration & Revitalized Look Lucas Meyer Cosmetics offers two complementary natural active ingredients Regenight™ and Immunight™ to improve nighttime skin recovery by acting with a unique dual mechanism of action targeting the improvement of sleep quality while having a direct topical action.

Boosts Melatonin-associated Genes & Restores Antioxidant Capacity

Sleeping is the most important beauty and well-being secret as it is vital for mental and physical health. When sleep is disturbed, skin regeneration and immunity are the most affected processes.

Upcycled from Australian tea tree oil manufacturing, Regenight™ boosts the expression of melatonin-associated genes and restores the antioxidant capacity to improve nighttime skin regeneration and daily damage repair for rejuvenated, revitalized healthier-looking skin.

Patented, green-processed lavandin extract, Immunight™ stimulates the production of melatonin by skin cells to resynchronize the skin’s circadian rhythm and recharge the skin defense system for a more relaxed and radiant appearance.

Immunight™ and Regenight™ are China-compliant, preservative-free, COSMOS-approved, 100% natural origin (ISO 16128), and vegan-certified by the Vegan Society.

Mind and Skin Rest for Healthier Revitalized Look

Overnight, specific biological processes trigger a regeneration mechanism to recover from daily stresses. When sleep is affected, the regeneration process is slower, allowing for oxidative stress to settle in the skin, increasing protein degradation, skin oxidation, and damaging the barrier function leading to skin fatigue look with the appearance of wrinkles, roughness, loss of firmness, a dull skin appearance and dark circles under the eyes.

With today’s hectic lifestyle leading to sleep issues, the need for an innovative and safe solution to improve nighttime recovery has emerged. Tested Ex vivo, Regenight™ showed a melatonin-like efficacy, without acting on melatonin, by stimulating the expression of melatonin-pathway genes essential to regeneration and protection.

Obtained from the upcycling of specific byproduct fractions from Australian Tea tree oil distillation, Regenight™ contains unique olfactory molecules providing a dual action through inhalation and topical application to improve nighttime benefits and skin regeneration providing a healthier-looking skin and revitalized look by morning.

Clinically tested as a night cream, applied once daily before bedtime, Regenight™ demonstrated, on women and men, a rapid (12h) and continuous efficacy to:

  • Improve skin barrier function and hydration
  • Improve skin antioxidant capacity
  • Reduce skin roughness and appearance of wrinkles
  • Improve skin firmness and elasticity
  • Reduce the appearance of skin fatigue look and dark circles under the eyes
  • Helps improve sleep quality (↑ sleep duration & ↑ deep sleep length)

Taking innovation and sustainability as its inspiration, Regenight™ is aligned with beauty sleep trends and offers a holistic approach. With full traceability from field to beauty product, Regenight™ responds to the needs of naturality and sustainability, is China complaint and Cosmos registered, while offering an innovative mode of action of which no one could have ever dreamed.

To know about the launches, visit Lucas Meyer Cosmetics at in-cosmetics Global in Barcelona.

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Source: Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

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