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LANXESS Presented Its Portfolio of Preservatives and Fragrances at in-cosmetics Global

Published on 2023-04-03. Edited By : SpecialChem

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LANXESS Presented Its Portfolio of Preservatives and Fragrances at in-cosmetics GlobalSpecialty chemicals company LANXESS presented its comprehensive portfolio of preservatives, multifunctional and fragrances for cosmetics and personal care products at in-cosmetics in Barcelona, March 28-30.

Ingredients Suitable for Use in Naturally Positioned End Products

This year’s trade show appearance featured the Flavors & Fragrances (F&F) business unit and, for the first time, the Business Line CARE within the Material Protection Products (MPP) business unit, both from LANXESS’s Consumer Protection segment. The segment comprises products that ensure the protection and well-being of consumers. It is characterized by strong brands, high product quality, innovative technologies, and a global sales and service network.

The F&F business unit offered a range of products, including sodium benzoate and benzyl alcohol, also based on sustainable raw materials. These are evaluated according to the mass balance concept and have a lower CO2 footprint. All production sites are currently being certified to the ISCC PLUS standard for this purpose – making LANXESS ingredients suitable for use in naturally positioned end products. On this topic, Dr. Matthias Kunze, business development manager at F&F, gave a presentation entitled “Reducing the carbon footprint of consumer products with sustainable preservatives” at 10:25 on March 29 in Theatre 2 at the trade show.

To support cosmetic manufacturers in achieving their own sustainability goals, the business unit significantly reduced CO2 emissions from its production sites by using green energy. F&F’s branded personal care products include Purox B, Purox S, Solbrol, and Purolan, which are used in various cosmetics and personal care products.

Purox S sodium benzoate is characterized by high purity, low odor, and broad-spectrum efficacy in products prepared in the skin-friendly pH range. It is also suitable for products intended for babies and young children, such as wet wipes.

A selection of multifunctional ingredients enhances the consumer experience while supporting the preservation of cosmetic and personal hygiene products. For instance, Purolan PD-LO (pentylene glycol) has a very low odor and is a versatile synergist ingredient for cosmetic and wet wipe formulations. Kalama 3PP offers a pleasant aroma – masking undesired odors – while also supporting robust product shelf life. Purolan IHD provides smooth combing in hair products and a silky feel in skin care.

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Safe and Effective Solutions

LANXESS also presented its CARE business line (MPP CARE), which was established following the acquisition of the Microbial Control business of U.S.-based International Flavors & Fragrances. This further expands the company’s home and personal care business and enables it to serve both the cosmetics and cleaning products sector and the healthcare industry with high-quality, sustainable and safe products.

The CARE business line is integrated into LANXESS’ Material Protection Products business unit, which specializes in microbial and preservative applications. MPP CARE showcased its safe and effective preservation solutions from traditional to nature-identical and natural products for cosmetics and personal care products at the Barcelona event.

In addition, the representatives from MPP CARE looked forward to meeting with existing and new customers on the topic of Multifunctional & Boosters. In a long-term innovation project, global research and development laboratories analyzed novel ingredients and reviewed the relevant benefits in cosmetics and personal care products. A variety of interfacial and multifunctional testing options were considered to offer novel solutions to customers in the personal care industry.

LANXESS offered natural preservatives based on ethyl lauroyl arginate HCl (LAE) under the Neolone Bio Preservative brand. LAE is an effective preservative derived from natural ingredients such as sugar beet or corn and can be used for cosmetic products.

Neolone PH 100 Preservative is also a high-quality phenoxyethanol product of pharmaceutical purity. It provides excellent preservative and protective functions for many different personal care products and is pH and temperature stable over a wide range.

Kathon CG Preservative is a highly effective preservative for use in rinse-off hair and skin care products. It has excellent broad-spectrum protection against many bacteria, yeasts as well as molds and is effective in a pH range typical of cosmetic products. The preservative offers an excellent eco profile, as it degrades quickly and does not accumulate in the environment. Furthermore, Kathon CG Preservative does not transfer color casts or odors to personal care products. Even at low dosages, it is highly effective and thus extremely cost-efficient.

The Bioban Bronopol preservatives provide broadspectrum bactericidal properties and excellent efficacy against Pseudomonas sp. The preservatives show excellent performance in combination with other preservatives, particularly isothiazolinone-based preservatives and provide effective microbial control, even at very low use levels.

In addition, MPP Care has a global network of microbiology experts who support the development of safe, high-quality and effective products – also with regard to regulatory requirements and approval – on a global level. The business line stands for long-standing expertise and recognized, trusted brands for preservation solutions in leave-on and rinse-off products.

As a collaborative supplier, for questions concerning the use of the products, the LANXESS application chemists brought their expertise to assist customers, e.g., in formulating products that meet current consumer needs focused on sustainability and efficacy.

The focus was on sustainable products that are either manufactured from natural raw materials or products that enable manufacturers to reduce their CO2 footprint along the entire value chain and implement their climate protection and energy efficiency targets.

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