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Givaudan Launches Plant-derived Active to Safely Replicate All Positive Effects of Sun

Published on 2024-04-02. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Givaudan Launches Plant-derived Active to Safely Replicate All Positive Effects of SunGivaudan Active Beauty introduces Neuroglow™, an active ingredient designed to safely replicate all the positive effects of the sun. Produced by Green Fractionation from Persicaria tinctoria. Neuroglow™ is sourced from Provence in France.

In addition to stimulating vitamin D production, sunlight is known to have a positive impact on mood and energy. While contributing to a healthy appearance through its desirable tanning effects.

Stimulates Melanin Production & Promotes Skin's Well-being

In a world where contemporary lifestyles lead us to spend more time indoors. Neuroglow™ responds to a growing demand for the positive effects associated with sunlight exposure. Research shows that 80% of US Gen Z consumers are looking for cosmetics that positively influence their mood.

Neuroglow™ mimics the beneficial properties of sunlight. It is done by stimulating the production of melanin (+126%) and promoting the skin's release of well-being molecules such as beta-endorphin (+43%), vitamin D (+345%) and oxytocin (+229%).

By increasing melanin production, Neuroglow™ prepares the skin for sun exposure. Allowing for a faster, healthier, more natural, and better-protected tan.

What’s more, it improves general well-being and energy levels at the same time as preventing potential inflammatory damage caused by the sun.

The results of the first clinical trial showed a remarkable phototype shift in 76% of the participants in just 7 days, moving from phototype II to phototype III, and of these, 40% even moved to a darker phototype IV, compared to 0% in the placebo group. In a second clinical trial with volunteers experiencing seasonal mood changes due to lack of sunlight, Neuroglow™ reduced tiredness, increased feelings of affection and improved "winter blues" with over 80% of volunteers reporting a positive outcome.

“Our scientists in R&D Green Fractionation have identified and optimized a plant-derived active ingredient offering an unprecedented solution to mimic all the positive effects of sunlight."

"Of 100% natural origin and cosmos compliant, Neuroglow™ prepares the skin for sun exposure, promotes a healthier tanning process, and even protects the skin from the potential side effects of overexposure. The result? A healthy glow and enhanced wellbeing all year round, even when combined with SPF, highlighting the benefits of the sun,” said Bénédicte Sennelier-Portet, R&D Green Fractionation manager.

To learn more about the new ingredient and its marketing concept, S3D® BlissFul Vibes, they invite you to visit their booth (1C62) at in-cosmetics Global in Paris, France.

Source: Givaudan

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