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Enteko Launches New Technology for Complete Sun Protection - MicNo®

Published on 2019-04-29. Author : SpecialChem

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Enteko Launches New Technology for Complete Sun ProtectionEntekno Materials has launched their innovative MicNo® ZnO technology at in-cosmetics Global. MicNo® is a breakthrough technology due to its unique structure that provides formulators a single ingredient for broad spectrum protection from harmful UVA & UVB sun rays in addition to Blue Light protection.

The Clear Choice for UV Protection

The MicNo® natural chemistry provides excellent SPF performance, high transparency, none whitening & is friendly to the environment & human health.

No longer is the formulator faced with the decision to formulate with Micron or Nano ZnO. Since the MicNo® technology provides all the advantages of Micron & Nano Zinc Oxide for sunscreen & colored cosmetics formulators. The formulators have an easy choice, which is to use MicNo®.

High SPF Formulations

MicNo® = Micron+naNo, an innovation that provides advantages of Micron & Nano from a novel ZnO morphology. The unique designed structure enables MicNo to behave like safe Micron ZnO on the skin & behave like transparent Nano ZnO under light, which permits the MicNo particles to demonstrate Micron Size & naNo Power.

The superior surface covering ability & hence excellent boosting effect of MicNo® particles enables the formulators to use less UV-filter to achieve efficient UV-protection resulting in high SPF formulations.

Source: Enteko
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